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NET Imaging SDK. DOWNLOAD NOW. Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK provides powerful desktop and web based (in. Detailed pricing information for Atalasoft’ and Mobile SDKs and server. Plus dedicated Support Engineers to help answer your questions!.

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Contact Us Have a atalqsoft or want to talk about your project? NET “no-touch” or signed ActiveX. Explore our content hub Looking for videos, blogs, and other social content and ideas? Typical uses include, bubble sheet reading, reading form areas, and survey data extraction. Adding this decoder to RegisteredDecoders ata,asoft licensing is in place is done with RegisteredDecoders.

When using AtalaImage’s constructor all ImageDecoders in the static RegisteredDecoders collection are used to open the file or stream. Barcode Reading and Writing. We atalasogt developers here to help. We are document imaging experts and are here to help. Optional eVRS imaging clean up available. This add-on quickly decodes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents into color or grayscale qtalasoft images, seamlessly plugging into DotImage and associated image viewing components as an image decoder.

Check out this great blog post, “10 Reasons to Use Atalasoft’s WebDocumentViewer Control” While you are in our Content Hub, feel free to also take a look at some videos, blogs, and articles! ImageViewer – Our basic lightweight WinForms viewer. Simply call Translate in any of our OcrEngines. ImageDecoder or Image Encoder can be extended to handle a special image file type.


During alignment a base template image is compared to a scanned image and it is lined up using landmarks on the document. See what we’re up to.

Explore SDKs – Atalasoft

Multipage documents can be very large when fully loaded into pixel memory. Easily scan, view, convert, ahalasoft, annotate, and transform paper and electronic documents. To achieve a state of flattened redaction or uneditable annotation in atapasoft image or PDF, annotations can be “burned in.

Since Atalasoft has been providing high performance imaging libraries to help software developers build document capture, viewing, scanning, and processing applications. View and annotate large, multi-page documents instantly over the web with our industry pioneering on-demand imaging technology.

Create mobile document capture apps for iOS and Android.

Beyond these commands we also have libraries of atalaosft commands broken down in to groups. Use this toolkit to programmatically generate PDF documents from scratch. A reminder that PDF can be complex, but there are ways to simplify thoughts behind the spec. It uses ImageDecoders to load an image and ImageEncoders to save an image. AtalaImage objects can be run through a BarcodeReader or can have a barcode OverlayCommand-ed on to itself.

They’re based off of Luratech’s Lurawave. This module automatically translates an image into a searchable PDF file. DotTwain can be used in a small footprint web deployment delivered as a. Or it can be used atakasoft a standalone. These are useful for removing, rearranging, and adding pages to an existing document with minimal overhead.

Once this is complete the templates defined areas can be read from. Achieve near-perfect images with built-in eVRS. X drivers and is included in DotImage Document Imaging. The process starts with alignment. To work with this, we provide:. Use output from reports, attachments, customer-filled forms, etc. Check out these namespaces for additional commands:. A simple to use scan-to-browser web application. News Introducing Atalasoft’s DotImage atalazoft Atalasoft DotTwain is a.


Atalasoft’s DotImage SDK provides powerful attalasoft and web based in browser viewing technology for captured documents.

.NET Imaging SDK

The two objects used for this are seperated out by result:. Fun Things At Atalasoft Explore our content hub Looking for videos, blogs, and other social content and ideas? They use wavelet compression technology to compress photographic images further then any other available compression scheme.

Mobile Capture for iOS and Android. Designed to show a single AtalaImage at a time. If you have any questions please let us know sales atalasoft. The AtalaImage class is the representation of a single image in any image format. Scan Directly to your Browser. GlyphreaderEngine – Transym – A closed source OCR engine that vectorizes glyphs then determines all the possible letters that it could be. Have a question or want to talk about your project?

Let users scan documents in, preview them, and send to your repository without the need to save locally. Try Dotimage – free for 30 days with full support Download Now. Atalasft, or Optical Character Recognition, is a process to locate and identify typed letters in an image.