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The Asus Eee T91 is a touchscreen netbook from the Asus Eee PC range. It is similar in specification to other netbooks, but features an ” rotatable. Since similar tablets cost at least twice the price, what makes the new ASUS Eee PC T91 so special? I spent a week putting the T91 through its. В Eee PC T91 впервые используется поворотный сенсорный экран с диагональю 8,9 дюйма, а набор прилагаемого программного обеспечения.

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Directly to the right of the power button is another button on the bezel, which is one of the ways to activate the touch interface. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: We like the way the FotoFun application lets you see your photos in different ways, whether its in neat rows or scattered about the desktop.

Lighter and slimmer than inch netbooks, it also didn’t weigh down our shoulder; alone, the netbook weighs a mere 2.

Asus based its first netbook tablet on what seems to be a netbook that the company has all but discarded aus improved upon many times over. The Eee PC T91 is an 8.

We’ve spent the last few days giving it the once over, to see how this netbook — which is a true departure for ASUS — stacks up.

Seven months later, the final product is here, and it’s largely successful for a first attempt at this kind of hybrid.

The screen on the Eee PC T91 is a resistive touch panel, so it works with any input device, such as your fingers or the included nonactive stylus. The netbook boasts a VGA, two Aus, and two audio ports, and it’s got a power button right on the left bottom edge of the screen.


ASUS Eee PC T91 review

Customizing this list of programs is easy and also kind of neat; simply touch the circle in the bottom middle and you can spin zsus small carousel of icons and drag the ones ashs would like to appear to the list. The Eee PC T91 is small and compactthanks to its 8. The GMAwhich is frequently used in netbooks, achieves points in the 3DMark01 test, about asys times as high, and in 3DMark03 about twice as much with points. However, its underpowered processor results in an underwhelming experience; screens take too long to open, and the lack of palm rejection is frustrating.

Asus includes several useful widgets to start with, and more are available from Yahoo. The standout feature of the T91 is its resistive touchscreen, which supports both stylus and finger inputs.

Asus Eee PC T91 review: Asus Eee PC T91 – CNET

Single Review, online available, Short, Date: A thin metal stylus is tucked into the right edge of the system, but much of the time we preferred using our fingers; we had no problem launching programs by just using our fingertip or the edge of our nail. One reason for this is the bloated software installation. You can drag different widgets–from clocks to calendars to battery life indicators–anywhere on the screen.

Journal for making notes. From around the web. HP Spectre x 13 late System noise One of the great things about the T91 MT is asux low system noise. The left-hand side sports the power socket, a USB 2. Antenna connection and two audio ports headphones, t911 on the right-hand side.


The single hinge, with which the lid can be turned completely around, works extremely reliably and asuus the display in the desired position at all times.

We found the virtual keyboard to be slightly frustrating — though it’s well-designed, the individual “keys” are a bit small, and we mis-typed a lot. The touchpad buttons have extremely shallow feedback with sharp yet quiet clicks. This makes the T91 MT wholly unsuitable for outdoor use; the screen is almost entirely unreadable due to the extensive reflections and poor overall brightness.

Start-up and shut-down can take a painfully long time, and using multiple applications at the same time multi-tasking tests one’s patience to the limit and should be avoided altogether, as it leads to substantial jerkiness and delays.

The optional custom touch asux, with big, easy to grab icons, works well–even if it’s not as slick and responsive as the touch interface on, for example, an iPhone. Nevertheless we were able to use the SoftStylus application to input text in various areas. Physically, the T91 is a pretty attractive, compact little machine. Power jack, USB 2. The Synaptics touchpad used on the T91 is surprisingly large considering the 8.