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ASTM A Standard Specification for Axle-Steel Deformed And Plain Bars For Concrete Reinforcement. Be notified when this Standard is updated or. ASTM BAR SIZES, GRADES AND MARKING REQUIREMENTS No. •. Rail Steel. #3-# •. No. •. A #3-#5. •. No. A. Axle Steel. #6-# •. Yes. A. #3-# 5. Internet Archive BookReader. ASTM A Axle-Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled .

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ASTM A – – Axle-Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement | QuestIn

Requirements for deformations on steel bar reinforcement were not standardized in U. Bamboo has been shown to be a viable alternative to reinforcing steel in concrete construction. Too much concrete cover can cause bigger crack widths which also compromises the local guard.

FRP rebar, notably glass fibre types have low electrical conductivity and are non-magnetic which is commonly used for such needs. Masonry structures and the mortar holding them together a17 similar properties to concrete and also have a limited ability to carry tensile loads.

Coastal astn use galvanized rebars to prolong their life. Joseph Monier of France is one of the most notable figures for the invention and popularization of reinforced concrete.


For tying epoxy coated or galvanised rebars, epoxy coated or galvanized wire is normally used, respectively. Stainless steel rebar with low magnetic permeability is available and is sometimes used to avoid magnetic interference issues. Rebar, x617 almost all metal products, can be recycled as scrap. To prevent such a failure, rebar is either deeply embedded into adjacent structural members 40—60 times the diameteror bent and hooked at the ends to lock it around the concrete and other rebar.


Number 3 rebars used as stirrups, spaced at 9 inches on center. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Several people in Europe and North America developed reinforced concrete in the s. Rebar significantly increases the tensile strength of the structure.

Material with a carbon-equivalent of less than 0. February Learn how and when to remove atm template message. Kahn’s reinforcing system was built in concrete beams, joists, and columns.

Fundamentals of Building Construction: Sizes smaller than 3 are typically referred to as “wire” products and not “bar”, and specified by either their nominal diameter axtm wire gage number.

The steel reinforcing bars may also be coated in an epoxy resin designed to resist the effects of corrosion mostly in saltwater environments, but also land based constructions.

The manufacture of reinforcing steel by re-rolling finished products e.

satm Retrieved November 30, Reinforcement is usually tabulated in a “reinforcement schedule” on construction drawings. Other readily available types include stainless steel, and composite bars made of glass fibercarbon fiberor basalt fiber.


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This phenomenon is known as oxide jacking. Rebar is available in grades and specifications that vary in yield strengthultimate tensile strengthchemical compositionand percentage of elongation.

Metric bar designations represent the nominal bar diameter in millimetres. As a French gardener, Monier patented reinforced concrete flower pots inbefore proceeding to build reinforced concrete water tanks and bridges. Properties Degradation Environmental impact Recycling Segregation in concrete Alkali—silica reaction.

This combination is known as reinforced masonry. Furthermore, Turner warned that Kahn’s system could result in a brittle a671 as it did not have longitudinal reinforcement in the beams at the columns.

ASTM A Axle-Steel Deformed and Plain Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

Each set consists of two ties, which is usually illustrated. The cast iron [ citation needed ] used for the rebar was of high quality, and there is no corrosion on asstm bars to this day. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. These couplers are also used in precast concrete construction at the joints between members.