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Asterix – Asteriks u Svajcarskoj (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje 48 str u boji Tvrde korice Astérix – Astérix chez les hélvètes – n. Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) Originalno francusko izdanje Odlicno Knjige · Stripovi · Evropski i ostali stripovi; Asterix – Obeliksova Galija (ORIGINAL) . Politikina izdanja Asteriksa /Asterix & Obelix/ u prevodu Ivana Klajna. Uz Asteriks stripove dolazi i jedan Talični Tom (Na tragu braće Dalton). Spisak stripova: 1.

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Asterix the Legionary

So, another Asterix album finished, and one that is still up there with the others. Notes The character Spartakis is obviously based on actor Kirk Douglas and his role in the movie Spartacus. View all 6 comments.

Probably many times over. Jun 29, Nicola rated it really stripovii it Shelves: The English translation sort of ruins most of the word puns, taking them from clever to downright silly. As the Gauls return victorious, they find Obelix has turned to stone after drinking a remaining cauldron of magic potion. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Refresh and try again.

The painted faces, feeling of ennui, mechanical gorging of elaborate food, and sado-masochistic punishments are balanced in Helvetia by the fastidiousness of the Swiss servants who keep cleaning up messes, washing whips, etc. D Ptenisnet forever complains about the accommodation and asking to see the menu. Box to the left of the Search button lets you specify search words in the name of the Publisher, Edition, Hero, Author, Number, and that even in the case the word is found anywhere in these terms, even if it is only part of the term, while the lower equivalent controls are more rigorous and will find only the correct term, not only the part of the name or number.


Along with Tintin, these books were the first ones that showed me comic books could be more than super heroes. Sep 14, Amalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Possibly the funniest of all the Asterix books–the cross-cultural stuff is very, very amusing, and the names alone are enough to make me applaud.

The Atlas Archives edition does an excellent job highlighting the various contexts that shaped and illuminated the creation of the book, with nice reproductions of documents photos accompanied with informative commentary.

Aug 18, David Sarkies rated it really liked it Shelves: Not only are these great books in their original French, but they are possibly the most brilliant translations ever done!

My very first Asterix book is one of my favorites. Well, any love sick individual would probably sit back, wait until he is killed, and then make his move, but not Asterix and Obelix — they are too noble and honourable to do that, so they do what any good and noble person would do in such a situation — they join the Roman army to go off and rescue him. All Old Current Type: They were translated into virtually every language in the world.

The four outlying Roman camps rehearse a parade to welcome Crustacius, who is pursuing the slaves. Want to Read saving…. Controls Edition, Hero and Author have autocomplete, which is turned on after you typed the third letter, you will get all items that contain the typed letters.


Getafix agrees to brew an antidote for Sinusitus but lacks an essential ingredient: Read this for Ptenisnet. May 02, Thomas Ray rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other books in the series. Obviously there was no connection with the original one, though I do think it was because Asterix and Obelix first indicated that this was why they had burst into tears, and thus the other legionaries, who had the good chance of landing up in Asterix and Obelix’s cohort, had picked up off of them.

Select one of the items, or continue to type, to narrow the choices, after the third letter is typed, each new letter does query to the database and returns a new search. When you select the search parameters, click Search.

Our brave hero’s actually join the Roman army!

Nur die korrekte Aussprache war teilweise strripovi. Mar 18, Wise Fool rated it really liked it. Who’d have expected to see Asterix in a legionary’s uniform? That’s usually a painful experience but does occasionally throw fabulous books that I would never have read off my own bat onto my path.

Asterix the Legionary (Asterix, #10) by René Goscinny

The Gauls head homeward, while the freed slaves remain on Atlantis as children forever. Another funny adventure to enjoy!

The most memorable character of the book is Ptenisnet the Egyptian volunteer who believes that he is actually on a package holiday!!!