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Bound books, lavishly illustrated, containing lessons and exercises recorded on cassettes and CDs Arabic with ease Dutch with ease New. Assimil Arabic with Ease Superpack – CDs + MP3 Disk words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number of colloquial, grammatical. Assimil Arabic with Ease Book Part 1 This book aims to take users from scratch to having a solid base in Arabic within six months, and to feel comfortable with.

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I’ve never studied Arabic, but I’ve read several times that Assimil Arabic is the worst of the Assimil series. These are based on everyday words and situations. In modern English, we no longer distinguish between the singular “thou” and the plural “you”: Come with me to see Ahmad in order that you see my room.

As for numbers, they are almost certainly causing you to gnash your teeth. Being an active verb, it takes a direct object in the object case ending in -a when the object is definite, and in -an when the object is indefinite.

We have seen it before in Lesson 6, Sentence 3.

Full text of “Assimil Arabic With Ease”

Give me 3 a pack 4 of cigarettes. If the thing counted is masculine, the number is feminine, and vice-versa.

But Arabic has no such sound as -euil ; and it also has neither the v nor the a of Vare.

You will of course have to work at this. Aarabic there are some more words it would also be fine. Lesson 22 The lesson the second and the twentieth Pronounce: It is understood by virtually everyone ; eaae with it you can make your way around anywhere in the Arab world, whether in Marrakech or in Kuwait. In Arabic, as in English, when the sound aa is combined with the sound ee it makes a diphthong having the sound of aa-ee.

We will be there arrive at it in no more than a quarter of an hour after a quarter hour only 4. Excuse me, sir, do you know passer-by where the Oasis Restaurant is? This the bag and this green 1 suitcase this the suitcase the green. I see my suitcase ; it is this the green one 2.


All 29 are considered to be consonants, but three of these also act as long vowels and are called vowel-consonants. Repetition will familiarize you quickly assimli the sound of Arabic ; and you will acquire with sur- prising speed a “feel” dase the special ways in which Arabic sentences are formed. We will explain in a moment what jobs the three cases do. Practise pronounc- ing them along with one of the Arabic vowels it is practically impossible to pronounce them without a vowel.

We will therefore take another look at both these matters before going on to a few that are less troublesome. Do you want to that you wash your hands? Do you want me to that I change this money for you? Esse you need are you in need of 4 something? Here it is preceded exse by the interrogative hal, which is essentially a question mark rather than a word. It is said to be in the subjunctive easw if easr ac- tion it refers to is subordinate to a verb expressing a wish, a hope, a fear, a command, a need, and so on: So far, so good.

The statement then becomes, “Exists a hotel” in Arabic sentences, the verb usually precedes the subject ; and the question, with the interrogative hal, becomes “Does there exist a hotel? Its name is the Oasis Restau- rant the Restaurant of the Oasis.

We have the same thing in English: The suffixes -kum and -ki are, as you see, possessive pronouns “your” in the plural and in the feminine singular that are attached to the end of the words they modify. The plural of the already plural word bilaad is buldaan “The Arab countries”, in the plural, may be written in either of two ways: When the verb comes first and has an expressed subject “the room”it is always in the singular, even if its subject is plural.

Missing sound Replaced by Example V f television – tilifisioon P b petrol eum – bitrool hard g gh gas – ghaaz the a and aa radio – raadioo the o of oo radio For another example of the problems created by missing sounds, see page 26, Note 4. As the principle of aspects rather than tenses is one of the keys to Arabic grammar, it is essential that you grasp it early. The Arabic alphabet, how it is written and how words are made from it. If you want to express the agent, you must go back to the active construction, “They serve Then where is the y?


Review of Assimil Arabic with ease

It expresses pleasure, approbation, relief and the like. Cardinal Numbers We dealt in Lesson 15 with the cardinal numbers up to 10, and in Lesson 17 with the multiples of 10 up to Q-D-M assiiml sense of “present” or “offer” 1 serve ‘uqaddimu u. It matters for me because i worked through the book and need srabic information for planning my futher studies. I read all your posts.

The first edition has since become known for its humorous and sometimes silly jokes and illustrations. But when explicit prepositions are used, the words that they govern must always be in the oblique case.

Is there 1 a taxi station near from here? When, in Arabic script, the short vowels are writ- ten, they are not written as letters but as small strokes, straight or twisted, placed under or over the consonants that precede them, as we show below, using asaimil consonant “d” to illustrate.

I found this Assimil textbook for studying Egyptian grammar in french language. That is, their forms change depending on whether their subject is singular or plural or dual, mas- culine or feminine, and first or second or third person. Assomil well, by the grace of God 2. No, it is nearby. I’ll be down 7 in about an hour I’ll go down after an hour about.