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Spheno-orbital meningiomas (SOMs) are secondary tumours of the orbit that originate from the dura of the sphenoid wing bone. They exhibit. Tuberculum Sellae Meningiomas (TSMs) are lesions dramatically related to the optic apparatus once the principal clinical complain remains on visual alterations . A seizure is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Normally, your body’s nerve cells communicate with each other via carefully.

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Tempat predileksi di ruang cranium supratentorial ialah daerah parasagital. These data are reviewed in the context of previously reported results and menignioma discussed in relation to the potential for medical therapy as an adjunct to surgery. Over 90 per cent of extracranial malignant neoplasms have been found to have telomerase activity.

It is possible that combination of thyroid disease and proptosis has facilitated the early imaging.

Multiple meningiomas consisting of fibrous meningiomatransitional meningiomaand meningotheliomatous meningioma in one adult patient. Surgical outcomes after reoperation for recurrent skull base meningiomas. Meningioma spinalis dapat menyebabkan gejala seperti nyeri radikuler di sekeliling dinding dada, gangguan kencing, dan nyeri tungkai.

Boron neutron capture therapy may be especially effective in cases of high-grade meningioma. Clinicopathologic features and pathogenesis of melanocytic colonization in atypical meningioma. Olfactory groove meningiomas may attain surprisingly large size. In 17 patients who had postoperative cranial computed tomography scans, bony regeneration of the sellar floor was evaluated by comparing immediate and late postoperative scans.

We report a modern surgical technique specific for planum sphenoidale and tuberculum sellae meningiomas with associated outcome. Although pituitary adenomas and Rathke cleft cysts constitute the majority of lesions removed via this route, craniopharyngiomas, clival chordomas, parasellar meningiomasand other lesions are increasingly removed using this approach.


In the postoperative period, the mean total score decreased non-significantly to Tissue autofluorescence is induced with a pulsed nitrogen laser nm, 1. Uncontrolled thyrotroph hyperplasia due to chronic untreated primary hypothyroidism for 15 years may have been damaging the adjacent corticotrophs, somatotrophs and gonadotrophs resulting in panhypopituitarism and empty sella. After filtering our initial selection, only 17 papers were selected.

Natural history of spheno-orbital meningiomas

Meningioma juga diklasifikasikan ke dalam subtipe berdasarkan lokasi dari tumor 8. Bersama-sama, araknoid dan piamater disebut leptomening 4 Dura mater terdiri dari jaringan fibrous yang kuat, berwarna putih, terdiri dari lamina meningialis dan lamina endostealis. Postoperatively, the patient’s neurologic status improved, and there was no tumor regrowth in the next 2 years. The aim of this study was to investigate TSH and PRL response to TRH and domperidone, an antidopaminergic drug which does not cross the blood-brain barrier, in 16 patients with primary empty sella PES and either normal or elevated plasma PRL level and to compare it with the response observed in 8 patients with prolactinoma.

Empty sella associated with growth hormone deficiency and polydactyly. Acknowledgments Conflicts of interest None. The male to female ratio was 1: This entity deserves special mention because of the need for adjuvant therapy and proper follow-up. We conducted a literature search using the PubMed database to compare data for endoscopic and microsurgical techniques in the literature. Between and11 consecutive patients underwent transnasal resection of anterior cranial fossa meningiomas olfactory groove OGM and 7 tuberculum sellae TSM meningiomas.

The median time from initial resection to first reoperation was 4. CT diagnosis is difficult because glial, metastatic and other tumours may look cystic and resemble cystic meningiomas.

Pada umumnya meningioma dianggap sebagai neoplasma yang berasal dari glioblas di sekitar vili arachnoid. An unusual osteolytic meningioma Documents. Other variables associated with impaired QoL included depression, unemployment, and meningioma attributed symptoms. Although SOMs have a tendency to grow more slowly in older patients, the initial size of the tumour and of mfningioma soft tissue component volume were the only statistically significant predictor of its growth.


Tumor otak yang tergolong jinak ini secara histopatologis berasal dari sel pembungkus arakhnoid arakhnoid cap cells yang mengalami granulasi dan perubahan bentuk.

Introduction We report here on a rare case of a large, lateral sphenoid wing tumor with radiographic and intraoperative findings highly suggestive of meningiomayet pathology was in fact consistent with metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma. The goal of the present study was meningiioma determine the effects of HER-2 gene and possible involvement of MAPK signal pathway in human malignant meningioma. The operative time ranged from 6 to 10 hours in the OGM group and from 4.

Although meningioma is a benign tumour, it may cause significant morbidity. In each pathological case, a specific menimgioma pattern was observed in sella turcica morphology, varying from mild to severe phenotype. Traditional surgical removal often results in postoperative blindness in the affected eye and thus has been abandoned as a treatment option in most patients.

In a subset of 32 patients, volumetric studies were performed. Overall, no significant difference between test and control groups was noted in sphenoid sinus size or other parameters; however, significantly greater mean distances from the posterior margin of the planum sphenoidale to the diaphragma sella 0.