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You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is. [read-only] Indicates whether any content in the HTMLLoader object is has been delivered to the HTML DOM in the HTMLLoader object. If at the end you are going to use JS + AS3 then its not that difficult. You have I posted in the other FB thread my HTMLLoader-base solution.

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Boolean Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the DisplayObjectContainer.

Dispatched when a user releases the pointing device button over an InteractiveObject instance. Checks whether the EventDispatcher object has any listeners registered for a specific type of event.

HTMLLoader – AS3

When you set the width or height property of an HTMLLoader object, the bounds of the object change but content is not scaled as would happen with other types of display objects. Calling this method initially sets the loaded property to false. ApplicationDomain The application domain to use for the window.

Converts the point object from the Stage global coordinates to the display object’s local coordinates. The application sandbox is generally the most secure sandbox, with restrictions designed to prevent the execution of untrusted code.

An object with properties pertaining to a display object’s matrix, color transform, and pixel bounds.

Array An indexed array that contains each filter object currently associated with the display object. Android AIR htmlLoader alternatives?

  1746-OW16 PDF

HTMLLoader – Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference

Changes the position of an existing child in the display object container. I would of been happy for just the.

The quickstart page is an old page I forgot existed and needs to be deleted. NativeMenu Specifies the context menu associated with this object. The current position in the history list.

As the window loads content and applies stylesheets, minor graphics glitches can occur. Sprite Designates another sprite to serve as the hit area for a sprite.

Only set this property to true when you are certain that the string cannot contain harmful code. The HTMLLoader object can dispatch this event any time after a load operation is initiated, even after the object has dispatched the complete event. Returns an array of objects that lie under the specified point and are htmllaoder or grandchildren, and so on of this DisplayObjectContainer instance.

If falsecookies are not added to the request and response cookies htmlloxder not remembered.

Android AIR htmlLoader alternatives? – ActionScript – AS3Lang Community

Returns a rectangle that defines the area of the display object relative to the coordinate system of the targetCoordinateSpace object. Dispatched by the target InteractiveObject when a dragged object is dropped on it and the drop has been accepted with htmloader call to DragManager. Navigation by zero forces a reload. Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable.

Boolean Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable. Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the DisplayObjectContainer.

Boolean Evaluates the display object to see if it overlaps or intersects with the point specified by the x and y parameters. The complete htmoloader is always dispatched asynchronously.


Indicates the alpha transparency value of the object specified. Dispatched when a display object hymlloader added to the on stage display list, either directly or through the addition of a sub tree in which the display object is contained. Dispatched when the user presses two points of contact over the same InteractiveObject instance on a touch-enabled device such as presses and releases two fingers over a display object on a mobile phone or tablet with a touch screen.

Examples How to use this example. Using the above example [and thanks for pointing that out] and the web ANE linked to above, results in:. Indicates the y coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative to the local coordinates of the parent DisplayObjectContainer. Hide Inherited Public Properties. Boolean Specifies whether authentication requests should be handled true or not false for HTTP requests issued by this object.

About the HTMLLoader class

The error you are getting is likely because you haven’t followed the wiki section for Android. Specifies whether successful response data should be cached for HTTP requests issued by this object. Number Indicates the depth scale percentage of an object as applied from the registration htmlkoader of the object.

Indicates the rotation of the DisplayObject instance, in degrees, from its original orientation.