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While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is Vladimir Vukovic, was drawing me into to a treatise of precision and. I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book. Looks like a great book to The Vukovic book can help you improving your “sniffing” a pretty great deal. AnnaZC. Compiled by Jaredfchess –* Games from Vladimir Vukovic’s classic book “The Art of Attack” From “The Attack on the King That Has Lost The Right to Castle”.

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One thing I liked about this book was its treatment of the bishop sacrifice on h7 a classic attack. While being oldfashioned, overall it’s a great book, a real classic. Even if I felt that I benefitted minimally in terms of chess improvement from books, I still derive a lot of enjoyment from them, so as far as I am concerned they are definitely not a waste of time. Now we come to the question of who should read this book. Apr 6, 9. My games were always too defensive and passive.

I dont understand that, the feeling of the attacking potential of a position cannot be grasped by such means is this in reference to what transpires before the puzzle begins.

Art of Attack in Chess by Vladimir Vuković

Looks like a great book to improve attacking play, but also calculation! When solving a puzzle, the existence of a tactical sequence is granted, and you just haveto find it.


Art Of Attack In Chess is certainly readable by anyone bladimir reasonable intelligence, but there is attxck certain amount of experience required to understand the information well enough for it to be useful. Aaron Kahn rated it liked it Jan 20, I’ll come back to it later and re-read it.

One of my favorite chess books. Mar 20, Seth rated it really liked it Shelves: Published January 1st by Everyman Chess first published The part about attacking the uncastled King was especially instructive and I really think I have won many games based on the less I picked up here.

Regarding that, this book is one of the best you can afford. Nunn clearly did not just mechanically convert the old text to algebraic form.

How to exploit this white opening? If you don Another “must have” for any chess player.

Book Review: Art Of Attack In Chess

Mike rated it really liked it Apr 19, Re-reading every so often as you improve you get more insight into attacking chess detailed in this book. Jul 01, Vinny rated it liked it.

Eastern Open performance NM Marty 13 min ago. I disagree with this. The book definitely won’t automatically make you good at attacking — you have to be very dilligent to learn something from the examples.

Jan 28, I normally study books while at a proper wooden chess board, but I suggest that a digital chess board may be more appropriate. This is a great guide to the offensive, no matter what the state or stage of the game. Jul 05, Katherine Simmons rated voadimir it was amazing.


Art of Attack in Chess

Try to look at the diagrams, cover up the text, and think about how you would play. Kyaterekera Brendah rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Mark all topics as READ. There are lots of variations, and the author assumes the reader, especially clearly in those variations, to be a pretty strong player.

Apr 6, 8. Occasionally Vukovic will comment that he has eliminated some variations from his examples for brevity or clarity, but with how intensely he covers each example with myriad variations, it is hard to believe he left anything out. Michael Koehler rated it it was amazing Aug 05, View all 11 comments. Trying to keep track of all the variations, even in a single example, is a lot of work.

Daniil D rated it really liked it May 03, This is THE treatise on attacking in chess.

Many gm vladmir new opening manuals like GM Wesley So. IM Silman’s imbalances concept has its roots in Pachman’s “Complete Chess Strategy” bulky work, Silman has “just” expanded it and literalized it his own way. Ashvapathi 16 min ago. One of the finest chess books ever written, the Art of Attack has been transcribed into algebraic notation for the first time.