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Book Name: Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanasamagra Book Writer: Aroj Ali Matubbar Book Language: Bengali Book Format: Portable Document File (pdf). Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh .. But the courageous folk writers did translate the works of Islamic theological books in Bangla. [1] His original name was Aroj Ali, and he only acquired the name ‘Matubbar’ ( meaning ‘local landlord’) later. He was born to a poor farming family. He studied for.

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In the yearJaistha 1 [ ] a lawyer magistrate of Barisal visited his place and asked Aroj Ali Matubbar to join his missionary team Tabliq to preach Islam, Aroj agreed but handed over the list of his queries and said if the lawyer magistrate could satisfy him with answers he would readily join his team. Worship Man, look into Quaran- you will see these Through out its pages.

But religion based views have decided the earth as the centre of the universe without determining the periphery of the universe.

The eight questions he posed in the first proposition exemplify his approach. Smaranika MemoirsTime of writing: This brief dabble in instituional education only centered only on the Quran and other Islam studies.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

It is not difficult to identify that the Asuras or people of Eastern Indiaor more properly the ancient Bengal and its adjacent areas including eastern BiharBrhamputra valley of Asamand present Orissa were culturally and perhaps ethnically different people from those inhabiting northern India.

Bangladesh is a power and a major developing nation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Without knowing the periphery of the space it is impossible to know its centre. Our folk poet sang: Typically, these brands of philosophy are Hellenistic ones and those who most arduously commit themselves to this lifestyle may be considered philosophers. Matubbar developed a very progressive approach and wrote against ignorance, superstition, and religious fundamentalism.


In one of his famous songs he pointed out: Because of his rural background, it was not possible on his part to remove the darkness covering his society, but with the dim torch he held, he tried to see the truth, wherever he could, without fear or doubt.

Retrieved from ” https: Therefore to them no other bliss exists other than those are enjoyable in this world. So questing about any event, may be natural or social, forms the basic analytical path booke would ultimately lead to rationalism. It shares land borders with India and Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan and China are matubbaf near Bangladesh but do not share a border with it.

Quran — The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God. He was a son of poor cultivator and brought in an agricultural background.

It is generally believed that concepts of those doctrines such as atheism, agnosticism and rationalism are originated in European thought. The Quran is used along with the hadith to interpret sharia law, during prayers, the Quran is recited only in Arabic. Later during the Middle Ages, persons who engaged with alchemy was called a philosopher – thus, many philosophers still emerged from the Classical tradition, as saw their philosophy as a way of life.

But I heard that nothing is better than human being. The Kaaba in Mecca is the direction of prayer and destination of pilgrimage for Muslim s.



The first question is the most important one that agitates not only the inquisitive philosophers and metaphysicist, but the scientists too, especially the science dealing with life.

So whether the rulers of the state were Hindus, Muslims or Buddhists those rulers could not influence the religions of the people. The entity, which can not be proved from a material frame, does not exist to me- it is a meaningless entity, an unnecessary concept even in philosophical or theological sense- as is ether a useless concept in physics.

And we millions of people are living under this shadow of the tree.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

However, it increasingly came under British government oversight, in effect sharing sovereignty with the Crown. It is only a 15 minutes ride on a rickshaw from Durga Sagar, the Bangabandhu Uddan is xroj place inside Barisal City, right on the banks of the Kirtonkhola river.

To reach ultimate truth we must follow the path that invokes question, arguments and counter arguments- there is no other alternative but to follow this path if we want to cultivate freedom of thought.

In trying to expand his sphere of knowledge he befriended with a number of scholars matubgar academicians of Barisal town.

And both these two philosophies are not in consistent with rather opposed to what Islam says. Thus we see that Asura Philosophy has two aspects: