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ARN mensajero (ARNm) Después se descubrió que el ARN está presente también en en las células ARN de transferencia (ARNt). ARN de mensajero (mRNA). el mRNA el mRNA debe obrar recíprocamente con el ARN ribosomal (rRNA), ARN de la transferencia (tRNA). ARN de transferencia (tARN) 3. ARN ribosomal o ribosómico (rARN) Todos son ARN mensajero (mARN): Según Crick, el llamado dogma central de la.

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Ribosome-like particles in myelinated axons of the rat. Schwann mensaejro to axon transfer of ribosomes: Subcellular profiling reveals distinct and developmentally regulated repertoire of growth cone mRNAs.

The ribonucleic acid of axons and myelin sheaths from Mauthner neurons. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. Differential transport and local translation of cytoskeletal, injury-response, and neurodegeneration protein mRNAs in axons.

Axonal maintenance, glia, exosomes, and heat shock proteins. Print Zelena J. RNA translation in axons.

ácido ribonucleico – Wikcionario

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Extracellular transferecnia and a novel form of communication in the brain. Quantitative autoradiographic study of labeled RNA in rabbit optic nerve after intraocular injection of [3H]uridine.


Transfer of newly synthesized proteins from Schwann cells to the squid giant axon.

ácido ribonucleico

Koenig E, Martin R. Neurotrophin regulation of beta-actin transferenciw and protein localization within growth cones. Subsurface cisterna-lined axonal invaginations and double-walled vesicles at the axonal-myelin sheath interface.

Axonal translation of beta-catenin regulates synaptic vesicle dynamics. Sorting of beta-actin mRNA and protein to neurites and growth cones in culture.

Autoradiographic studies of uridine incorporation in peripheral nerve of the transfrrencia, Triturus. Transcriptome analysis of embryonic and adult sensory axons reveals changes in mRNA repertoire localization. The travels of mRNAs through all cells large and small. Evaluation of transfetencia synthesis of axonal proteins in the goldfish Mauthner cell axon and axons of dorsal and ventral roots of the rat in vitro. Demyelination induces transport of ribosome-containing vesicles from glia to axons: Absence of Wallerian degeneration does not Hinder regeneration in peripheral nerve.

In vitro incorporation of [3H]precursors into axonal protein and RNA. Synthesis of beta-tubulin, actin, and other proteins in axons of sympathetic neurons in compartmented cultures. The tranfserencia protein transfer hypothesis. Ribosomal distributions in axons of mammalian myelinated fibers. Axonal transcription factors signal retrogradely in lesioned peripheral nerve.


Myosin Va and kinesin II motor proteins are concentrated in ribosomal domains periaxoplasmic ribosomal plaques of myelinated axons. Melanosome transfer to and translocation in the keratinocyte.

Protein-synthesizing machinery in the axon compartment. Beyond the initial axon segment of the spinal motor axon: Mitochondrial transfer between cells can rescue aerobic respiration. Autoradiographic study of RNA and protein synthesis in sectioned peripheral nerves. Nanotubular highways for intercellular organelle transport. Identification and quantitative analyses of microRNAs located in the distal axons of sympathetic neurons. Morphological evidence for a transport of ribosomes from Schwann cells to regenerating axons.

Evidence for the glia-neuron protein transfer hypothesis from intracellular perfusion studies of squid giant axons. Active polysomes are present in the large presynaptic endings of the synaptosomal fraction from squid brain.