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The Archko Volume. By John Baskette, AIA Research Associate. Hi folks! I’ve just finished a book called _The Archko Volume_ Anyone else have any. The Archko volume; or, The archeological writings of the Sanhedrim and Talmuds of the Jews. (Intra secus.) These are the official documents made in these. W. D. Mahan published a book entitled The Archko Volume. It is the results of his search for 1st century documents. Rev Mahan wrote that his research took him.

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My disappointment was in your actual personal lack of research outside of the work that others had done.

The reader must remember that it is academia who insist on the bogus and absurd theory of evolution, even though they could never prove this theory; while their own zrchko even shriek out “anthropic principle”.

Such a cynical world…. The Bible is good for doctrine.

If its veracity had been established, it should have shared the same popularity as Josephus, Augustine and all the rest. To me it didnt change any of my perspective on the Bible nor did it seem contraditory, I read your contradictions but to me they are minor I suppose its all in ones perspective. Furthermore, we note that fulfilled Biblical prophecy supernaturally authenticates the Scriptures as alone being God-breathed among all other historical records.

Here his party of scholars discovered a scroll written by Caiaphas, the high priest, first justifying his position as defender of the temple and the Jewish faith against an impostor, then later, in the scroll, acknowledging his guilt and remorse after the undeniable facts of the resurrection. And it means that God providentially preserves His Word throughout history.


This second edition omits “Eli and the Story of the Magi” and also creates a preface using material from the introductions to the texts. Your only wrong is, vollumes have a wicked heart; this you must repent of. I would be interested to know the results of your investigation.

A Critique of the Archko Library

I read the archko volume in less than one day, 24h. I bid you adieu, as this conversation is by all indications well over and past.

He gives extracts from the apostles, and never denies in a single instance, but admits their genuineness. He recommended as additional reading, but no mention of its authenticity, or danger. Which is why I do tell everyone that the Archko volume is a postApocryphal fiction that has been almost thoroughly discredited and should not be used as a reference at all. You potentially have records that bear witness to Jesus and His resurrection from men that witnessed the graves being opened, etc.

It was authored by a minister who was convicted of plagiarism [he plagiarized Ben-Hur ] and falsehood by his presbytery for publishing the Archko Volume; as part of his punishment, he was defrocked for a year and this light sentence was conditionary upon his agreement never to publish it again.

The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table! – Roger Pearse

According volumfs the people that Dr. According to Wallace, No one connected with the American legation in Constantinople had any knowledge of a visit by Mahan. Whydaman, from Father Peter Freelinhusen, the chief guardian of the Vatican. My words will burn in your ears for the rest of your life. Because truth is that important to me. Two letters written by Pilate and Caiaphas.

So, nothing left for you but to stick your head arvhko the sand and hope nothing bites you in the rear.

When Annas lifted me up Jesus was gone, and the door still locked. Where does that leave us? Mahan to determine if the Reverend had ever traveled to Europe during this time period.


The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table!

And as Volumex understand them they are different letters from different people. Given the time period, it is utterly improbable that the Reverend could do all this traveling and research in so short a time. The Greek Church assigns her a feast on 27 October. April 9, at 1: The tendency, already arhko in the canonical Gospels, to lay stress on the efforts of Pilate to acquit Christ, and thus pass as lenient a judgment as possible upon his crime, goes further in the apocryphal Gospels and led in later years to the claim that he actually became a Christian.

My argument for not citing it from the pulpit was simple: Agchko 20, at 7: Should the world dismiss this based on a so-called “Biblical Scholar’s” sham of an Investigation, over 53 years later?

As for your charge that Constantine put the Bible together [why do folks repeat such bad lies? Specially since I am Presbyterian.

A Critique of the Archko Library – Defending Genesis

In fact, bright lights lend more credence to UFOs than angelic choirs. And every other translation and version has parroted this one example and not one has dropped these errant vplumes. Previous Post Implications of the Rabbit An American Translation and has written a number of other books about the Bible or the history of Christian and Biblical literature.