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A German Arado Ar seaplane, which was lost on February 28, , at a depth of about meters between Naxos and Ikaria islands in the Aegean Sea, . This page details the development and operational history of the Arado Ar Shipborn Reconnaissance Floatplane including technical specifications and. The Arado Ar aircraft of the German battleship Bismarck.

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Relative Maximum Speed Rating.

Weight and drag were comparable, too, so the RLM directed Arado to ready both types for production. The only stipulations were that it would use the BMWand they wanted prototypes ar1996 both twin-float and single-float configurations. Five similarly equipped B-0s were also delivered to land-based squadrons. A number of wartime German aircraft have been recovered from the lake, but the Ar remains undisturbed as its crew were killed when it crashed there in and it has the status of a War Grave.

Testing in the laboratory and on water did not conclusively prove that one configuration was significantly better than the other.

Arado Ar 196 A-5

Design work began in with the Reichs Air Ministry issuing a specification for a new floatplane to replace the obsolete Heinkel, then in service with the fleet. Araco for this Aircraft. Heinkel choose to continue trying to improve the He but Arado, Dornier, Gotha, and Focke-Wulf responded to the specification.


Where applicable, the appearance of U.

Arado Ar A-5 | National Air and Space Museum

These operations typify the Arado floatplane’s roles and capabilities. The RLM later canceled the Fw 62 when the Ar design showed clear superiority over its biplane rival. More importantly, the Ar could field two lb bombs for when in the strike role. Atado A-0s were delivered in November and Decemberwith a araod 7. The single float withstood rough seas during a landing better than the twin floats because it attached directly to the fuselage, the strongest part of the airplane.

Another aircraft is known to lie in the Jonsvatneta lake near Trondheim in Norway. Bulgaria; Nazi Germany; Romania. From Wikipedia, the free atado.

The ‘ Werk-Nummer serial number is however the Navy evidently repainted the airplane with markings copied from a different aircraft. This gave the Arado better performance than any of the others, and the RLM ordered four prototypes.

Images marked with “www. Inthe Kriegsmarine looked for a standardized shipboard reconnaissance aircraft.

The Allies recovered two others aboard the German battlecruiser “Prinz Eugen” when she surrendered at Copenhagen, Denmark. Focke-Wulf responded as well and submitted a biplane design. The floats were fitted with rudders and also served as extended fuel tanks and storage space for arwdo emergency provisions.

However, the twin floats had more stability when taxiing and maneuvering.

Arado Ar 196

If the current government shutdown continues, we will be closed starting January 2. Most Arado were operated from coastal land bases where they carried out coastal patrols and anti-submarine patrols.


Arado Flugzeugwerke – Germany. Coupled with a1r96 sound airframe design, it also had the highest ceiling height compared to its British and American counterparts.

Bismarck Arado Ar Aircraft

For four months, the ship cruised the South Atlantic searching for merchant ships and launching its complement of two Ar s from catapults set amidships. By the end ofFokker had become the primary builder. Biplanes, Triplanes, and Seaplanespg. Since there was a possibility of the smaller outrigger floats on the B models “digging in”, the af196 A model was ordered into production.

Production would be handled throughout Germany and in the Axis-held territories of France and Denmark. With a German request for a new shipboard catapult-launched reconnaissance floatplane with a secondary role as a coastal patrol platformArado submitted their design consisting of a two-seat monoplane with all-metal skin.

This object is not on display at the National Air and Space Museum. Arado Militaria 53 in Polish. Aircraft produced by Arado Flugzeugwerke. Have A Passion For Aircraft?

Two 20 mm 0. It is either on loan or in storage. Also note the rudders attached at the rear of the floats.