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AR –8– Military Awards. This administrative revision, dated 6 August — o Supersedes Army Directives , , and. AR , ACTIVE, 10/08/, TOTAL ARMY MUNITIONS REQUIREMENTS AND AR , ACTIVE, 04/04/, THE TOTAL ARMY SPONSORSHIP. AR –8–8. The Total Army Sponsorship Program. This rapid action revision, dated 4 April o Requires mandatory sponsorship of first-time Soldiers.

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Trans-Atlantic Div Commander, U. Acquaint Soldier or civilian employee and family members with unit or activity and community. Are arriving Soldiers receiving an early orientation visit to ACS? The sponsor assists the new arrival with inprocessing. It may be typed or handwritten.

Receive DA Form Rules for sponsoring a Soldier or civilian employee a. The sponsor selected will be—.

Sponsor a Soldier or Civilian Employee 2— Are outbound civilian employees through grade 15 receiving advance arrival sponsorship, unless declined? Army Engineer Division, Huntsville, P. Proponent and exception authority. Is ACS relocation readiness services supporting sponsorship with counseling, welcome packets, pre-move destination information including the Standard Installation Topic Exchange Serviceand overseas orientation briefings? Every Soldier in the ranks of private through colonel excluding Soldiers completing advanced individual training AIT and Soldiers making PCS moves to student detachments at long-term schools and civilian employees through grade 15, undergoing a PCS move, will be offered the opportunity to participate in the advance arrival sponsorship program.



The sponsor should familiarize the new Soldier or civilian employee and family to the unit or activity and community, including an early visit to ACS.

Personnel activities for civilians are primarily conducted in the civilian personnel advisory center CPAC. Strength managers or commanders and supervisors will ensure that DA Form is forwarded and responded to in a timely manner.

Table 2—6 Steps for sponsoring a Soldier or civilian employee. Installation commander The commander of the organization, activity, or military community who has overall command responsibility for the sponsorship program where the Soldier or civilian employee is assigned. Greet and receive new Soldier or civilian employee as described in paragraph 2— Sponsors of first-term Soldiers will remain sponsors to the inbound Soldier for a period consistent with the needs.

Steps for appointing a sponsor for civilian employees, page 9 Table 2—6: The steps required for appointing a 600-88-8 for civilian employees are shown in table 2—5. References, page 12 B. Personnel will be advised to make known their sponsorship 600-8-8 as part of the reassignment management process.


AR Total Army Sponsorship Program :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Sponsors will forward a welcome letter to the incoming Soldier or civilian employee within 10 calendar days of appointment. Only those individuals who can represent the gaining unit or activity in a positive manner will be selected as sponsors.

The effective sponsor should be recognized on the same basis as any other Soldier or civilian employee performing in an exemplary manner. The Soldier or civilian employee will ag immediately to letters or other material from the sponsor.

If the Soldier is being assigned to—. This section contains no entries. This includes assistance in clearing transportation 600-8-8 or providing information on items of interest, such as application for use of transient quarters, use of banks, use of medical and other supporting facilities.

ACS relocation readiness services. Table 2—7 Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor. Explanation of abbreviations and terms. If the Soldier is ra outside continental United.