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Washington. Supplementation. page 3 *This regulation supersedes AR – customs. and Visits of Courtesy Guard of the United States. but does not identify. For more information on Customs, Courtesies and Traditions see Army Regulation , Army Command Policy, paragraph ; AR , Salutes, Honors. Study 33 AR Customs and Courtesies flashcards from Cherie K. on StudyBlue.

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It is information, beliefs, and customs cusgoms down by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction. If you don’t know the answer to a superior’s question, you will never go wrong with the response, “I don’t know sir, but I’ll find out.

Distinctive items of clothing worn in your unit such as headgear, belt buckles, and tankers’ boots.

Every one then hid the piece of flag in his clothing and took it with him when released from prison. A custom is an ccourtesies practice. On February 20,General Washington’s headquarters issued an order 600-25 flags.

Not because I’m better than he is, but because he respects who he is and who I am based on what we both do. In the case of NCOs and soldiers, we address them by their rank because they’ve earned that rank.

You salute to ciurtesies respect toward an officer, flag, or our country. It gives a soldier a feeling of pride to understand just why we do things the way we do. The music you hear at various hours of the day for example, “Reveille,” “Retreat,” and “Taps” or during ceremonies funerals, change of command, etc. Military courtesy means good manners and politeness in dealing with other people.

The historic War Office seal, somewhat modified from its original, is the design feature that gives to the Army flag its greatest distinction.

Each step up the ladder of leadership brings you a larger share of pay, prestige, and privileges. Special designations authorized unit nicknames such as Cottonbalers, the 7th Infantry Regiment.


Customs and Courtesies, AR 600-25 Flashcards Preview

Never turn and walk away to avoid giving the hand salute. The center of the seal depicts a roman breastplate over a jupon, or a leather jacket.

Hold the salute until the colors are six paces beyond you. If you are in a car or on a motorcycle, dismount and salute.

Traditions are expressed in the things we do, the uniform we wear, and the things we say. In saluting, turn your head and eyes toward the person or flag you are saluting. Blue is especially significant since it has been the unofficial color of the Army for more courtwsies two hundred years. The practice of carrying colors into battle persisted through the American Civil War; the last Medals of Honor awarded during this conflict were for capturing Confederate colors.

The Twilight Tattoo is a time honored military tradition that dates back to the British Army years ago when bugle calls were designed to notify the troops to return to the barracks from the local towns. This flag courtesles designed to meet the need for one banner to represent the entire Army. That sound means soldiers are ready and willing to accomplish the mission at hand. As a long established social organization, the Army observes a number of customs that add to the interest, pleasure, and graciousness of Army life.

Your hand, wrist, and forearm are straight, forming a straight line from your elbow to your fingertips. A soldier addressing a higher ranking officer uses the word sir or ma’am in the same manner as a polite civilian speaking with a person to whom he wishes to show respect.

Customs and Courtesies, AR Flashcards by Al Townsend | Brainscape

To officers of friendly foreign countries. Soldiers demonstrate courtesy in the way we address officers or NCOs of superior rank. Bring your hand up to the correct position in one, smart motion without any preparatory movement. Some unit traditions are- Ceremonial duties.

Violations of other Army customs, cojrtesies, will bring official censure or disciplinary action.


FM Chapter 4, Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions

When in a formation or a group, the senior soldier present will call the group to “Attention” and then “Parade, Rest” at the first note of “Retreat. It has a white field with the War Office seal in blue in its center. Some consider it to be a gesture custojs servility since the junior extends a salute to the senior, but we know that it is quite the opposite.

The 6000-25 of the United States is the symbol of our nation. If Af had been carrying something and he wasn’t, he would have saluted. Right up to the beginning of the First World War, bugles were important tools in the control of units. When you report to an officer of superior rank, approach the officer to whom you are reporting and stop about two steps from him, assuming the position of attention.

Regiments and separate battalions are the only units that carry colors. Military courtesy shows respect clurtesies reflects self-discipline. The English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and others brought to North America their flags, military uniforms, and other official symbolism.

Units simply embroidered on their colors the names of the battles in which they fought, but units often disagreed about what differentiated a “skirmish” from a “battle” or a “campaign.

The Noncom’s Guide Bugle calls told troops when to go to bed, cistoms to wake 60-25, when to eat, when to attack, and when to retreat. The soldier that utters that sound understands his task and will not quit until it is completed. Speak with your own voice. With the Declaration of Independence and the formation of troops, came the need for items to identify the soldiers and military units.