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provide extensive information about AR ( ). AR /AFR MC0 A/DLAR Physical Security. This revision 0. Mandates that major command or second echelon. SUMMARY of CHANGE. AR –16/*OPNAVINST A/*AFR –4/*MCO A/*DLAR Physical Security. This revision

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Installation commanders will determine necessary access con- trols per paragraph 1—4 c.

AR 190-16 Physical Security

Elevate air-conditioning systems at least 12 feet above the. Chapter 2 Installation Access Control, page 2. Bury power and communications 19016 underground. The training program should cover the following:. The survivability of critical communications facilities can be improved by the use of physical security measures.

Limit access points for vehicles and personnel commensurate with a reasonable flow of traffic. All materials contained on this site are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, broadcast, or in any way exploited without the prior written permission of Mentor Enterprises, Inc.

These requirements apply to aircraft on display or located at civilian or foreign air fields. 190-116 physical security council PSC is a means by which an installation commander can gain full community involvement in program design and implementation. Commanders will determine the means required to enforce access control such as guards, fences, lighting, and security badges based on the considerations in paragraph 1—5 c.


Find out what’s new at AskTOP. The commander with jurisdiction or control over threatened facilities or personnel is responsible for choosing the proper response to terrorist threats.

Parking of privately owned vehicles within 30 feet of the perimeter fence will be prohibited. I agree to the Terms and Conditions of this site.

Check all deliveries to messes, 190-61, and so forth. Air refueling aircraft e. This includes contingency plans for manpower and equipment resources during emergencies and normal day-to-day security support, if required.

Chapter 4 Security of Bulk Petroleum Assets, page 4. An armed entry controller should be 109-16 at all staffed critical facilities located off the installation. Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Commanders of major commands must ensure each subordinate level of command develops procedures for alarm assessment and security force response.

AR Physical Security {Afr ; Mco A; Dlar }

The nearest installation of the owning Service will conduct a physical security inspection of each fuel facility at least once every 2 years. All underbrush in the clear zone should be removed and all depressions and raises, leveled. This condition applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely. Factors of existence, capability, history, and intentions must be present.

Provide a foot clear zone on the inside and outside of the perimeter at. Investigative and law enforcement 910-16 may assist in meeting these responsibilities.


The owning Service will respond and assume on-site security as soon as practical. The installation of IDS is required. All priority aircraft require SRT support. The senior law enforcement or security officer is to serve as the coordinator.

Resource protection, 1—7 Restricted access, 2—4. A security force member posted inside or outside the boundary to keep the boundary of the restricted area under surveillance.

Other DOD Aircraft 6. Security measures to improve survivability The survivability of critical communications facilities can be improved by the use of physical security ad. When a hangar is used, the walls constitute the restricted area boundary. Applies when a terrorist group has acquired, assessed, or demonstrated level of capability to conduct terrorist att a c k s.

T h e y s h o u l d i m p r o v e c o o r d i n a t i o n a n d mutual support of the Services and DLA in terrorism counteraction activities.

Construction programs for critical communications facilities will include appropriate hardening of essential structures. Search all vehicles and their contents entering the complex or installation. See glossary Access control For bulk petroleum assets, 4—2 For critical communications facilities, 5—2, 5—5 For installations, 2—2, 2—3 Restricted plan, 2—4 Aircraft facilities, security of Emergency situations, 3—7 Responsibility, 3—2 Security forces and equipment, 3—5 Planning, 3—2, 3—3 Procedures, 3—6 Requirements matrix.

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