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Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart 2™ clothes washer. The revolutionary, super water efficient wash action of your AquaSmart 2™ washer. Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart™ clothes washer. We are For your safety the information in this manual must be followed to minimize. Installation instructions and user guide AquaSmart™ clothes washer WL80T65D & WL70T60D NZ AU Contents Installation instructions Before you do your first.

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Select your wash options, eg. Pages 21—24 explain the different options in more detail. Under our policy of continuous product improvement, these specifications may change at any time. The Wash cycle buttons show the temperature adjustment possible. This will adjust the rinse to ensure that the fabric softener is dispensed correctly.

If after checking these points you still need assistance please refer to the following: The product specifications in this manuual apply to the specific products Measure it carefully to ensure you do not fill above the MAX level.

If you wish to change any of the wash options while your It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Could household aquasmatt supply be at fault?


Are both hot and cold taps turned on? The number of beeps at the end of the cycle. It is important that you take the time to read these instructions carefully before you begin using your machine. Have you separated out larger items from smaller items? The correct amount of detergent will vary depending on the amount of soil in your clothes and the size of your load.

Remember warmer wash temperature can set mud and grass stains, so if in doubt manuxl start with a cold wash first. Use a wash temperature suitable for soil type, eg.

Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL80T65D Manuals

BoxGreenmount, Auckland If you need service For example, when dye or colour run can be a problem, or when washing sandy towels. Correct corrosion or discolouration due to chemical attack. Check ends of hose. If the siphon tube looks partially blocked use a manuaal bud to clean.

For more information on detergent and fabric softener please refer to pages 11 — Woollens Woollen aquqsmart require extra care. Press the wash cycle button. The height of the standpipe or tub should be between — mm.

Lifestyle cycles 25 Sports Outdoor activities can create some unique washing challenges. Your machine is overloaded and cannot continue the cycle.

fisher–paykel aquasmart wl80t65c User Manual – Page 1 of 48 |

For best fabric and colour care remove your clothes as auasmart as the cycle has finished. Contents Installation instructions 2 Before you do your first wash 5 Checklist, Water consumption, Capacity 5 Getting started quickly A small amount of water remaining in the dispenser at the end of the cycle is normal.


Such service shall be provided during normal business hours. Remember to use a wool detergent if it is a woollen blanket and check to make sure that it is machine washable.

Ensure machine does not have suds buildup. Did you use too much detergent?

Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL80T65D Manuals

Before you start, it is a good idea to go through the following checklist: This indicates that all settings have been returned to the factory default settings. The Advance option allows you to fast forward your cycle to the desired location. Sheets — High Efficiency Mode Normal domestic use or 2. The WASH cycle light is flashing. We recommend this mode when the dilution effect of water can solve or prevent common wash problems.

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