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Guruji maine kahi pe yauwan garbheeta apsara ke baare me suna hai par kahi bhi unki koi mantra ya sadhana ke bare me nahi mila, Me apsara sadhana karna . 26 फ़रवरी I promise you if you once seen an Apsara you will never forget her even after death. If you are in search of such divine beauty, then this article. Results 1 – 20 of 30 apsara sadhana. User Name Password Log in. Forgot Password? Register. apsara sadhana. This is a discussion on “apsara.

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Saurabh Kaushik January 22, at 1: I am very slim and average looking. Sit in a silent place facing north. For example siddyi books very fast from one language to another language?

And how you ask your boon from her. Archit, The success depends upon your karmas and Deeksha. Then how it can be possible.?? This mantra is just like the mantra mentioned above in the post but with some differences.

This negative point does not apply to everyone and only applies to those whose spiritual level is less. Life is a mystery. I am willing to try the Sadhana, I fell a deep vibration of peace and higher love from these beautiful creatures.

Later in dwapur yuga the same Urvashi had tried to asara Arjuna but had been turned down by Arjun. Regards n respect, Abhay. ShriRama and Hanuman Consciousness January 18, at 8: Long time ago i had done Urvashi Sadhana for couple of days only and had seen some results.


Tilottama Kanchanmala Ratanmala Apsara Sadhana

How did you know that? Yuvaraj January 21, apsqra 1: Tom Sawyer August 27, at 3: And about marrying yes apsaras can become wife but it is not recommended for People living in Kalyug. Those girls i had never met in my life. Morning or Free time Ganesh mantra sadhan, Banglamukhi mantra sadhan, Mantangi mantra sadhan or gupt dhan mantra sadhan Etc…. Dear Sir, Can you suggest a good time to start this sadhna in near future.

Aanga Nyas and other rules vary from Sadhaha to Sadhana, it is better if you chant the Mantra using Mala. But sir,what if we have to travel? Sir, its difficult to do 51 mala daily for a person who has to do other things too in his daily routine. For some people who are allready in the field of tantra will take just a few days to achieve succes.

Hence, Apsars Sadhana is beneficial in every way.

Thanks for your kind and prompt reply. Which used to make connection to specific spirit. The negative point is that, if you are a Sadhak with less spirituality and if you are doing this Sadhana to Siddhi a Apsara as a wife, then, what will happen is that she herself won’t manifest in front of you and she, will enter any young girl’s body who will be as beautiful as an Apsara and then bring that girl to you.

Giryappa, You can receive online Deeksha. ShriRama and Hanuman Consciousness February 16, at 9: In fact, they were more rich then all of the present world’s billionaires combined. Lit seven pure cow ghee lamps. The prescriptions given in the post should be followed otherwise the Mantra Sadhana will not succeed. Chetanya Mundachali January 18, at 4: It is not necessary that the same only will happen. Sree Kuttan August 7, at 9: Answers to majority of your questions are already in the post.


If u have a energize sidha shree yantra and know the ways of doing the tripursundari sadhana with the shree yantra then you will get succes in any kind of apsara ssiddhi yakshini fast.

So coming to the point the way I think apsaras are like fairies in the point of views of the Westerners so I was requesting can you please upload some islamic versions of these sadhnas please But then, if you make her your wife, you cannot marry any human girl.

This act of entering a girl’s body, won’t be very good for sidhi girl mentally and physically as well as for her family. Does it mean that it became an interference in his Moksha? For further sadhana, will SHE assists or would not want sadhak to do any Other others sadhana, 6.

अप्सरा यक्षिणी साधना: APSARA SADHANA APSARA SIDDHI

My age is near And later you mention she will grant one wish. Please help me sidehi. Yuvaraj January 29, at 3: I cannot say about what she may ask.