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Thanks to all who attended the first episode in the Webinar Shorts series on the API Facade pattern. The first episode is an overview of the idea. Facade patterns are simple interfaces to complex systems. This e-book examines the API Facade design pattern – what it is, why it’s important, and best. The goal of an API Facade Pattern is to articulate those internal systems and make them useful and consumable by app developers. This e-book examines the .

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Pattrrn might even use multiple implementations of each style. You also want to set spike arrests to keep your API traffic from overwhelming your target server. You may also want rules to block unexpected responses from the target server errors that may contain stack traces for example. Keep this field blank.

The ability to cache responses in Apigee drives a lot of the rest of “where to do it” questions. Having said all this – I’d encourage you to check out 3scale – we provide equivalent services to Apigee including the API gateway. Apigfe services have dynamically assigned locations. Consider, for example, the product details scenario.

In the next article in the series, we will look at communication between services.

Here are some of the potential microservices that own data displayed on the example product details page: Chris Richardson of Eventuate, Inc.

What does my back-end API server need and not need when using Apigee or similar proxy services? Good question – disclosure I work for 3scale http: It’s not only more cost effective see the site about but our solution is also based on NGINX which you already have in your stack – you can either add another or add into your existing config. It might have other responsibilities such as authentication, monitoring, load balancing, caching, request shaping and management, and static response handling.


Building Microservices: Using an API Gateway

What I’m looking for is a best patern guide on implementing my side of the API when using something like Apigee as a fundamental component of the overall strategy. So you should be fine just delivering the API in raw form there, however you’ll still need to: A few more technical details: Is this even the right approach at all?

Number of items in the shopping cart Order history Customer reviews Low inventory warning Shipping options Various recommendations, patten other products this product is frequently bought with, other products bought by customers who bought this product, and other products viewed by customers who bought this product Alternative purchasing options When using a monolithic application architecture, a mobile client would retrieve this data by making a single REST call GET api.

Make sure the set of backend endpoints you have scale with the traffic that passes through. The recommendations could either be empty or replaced by, for example, a hardwired top ten list.

If you are using the JVM you should definitely consider using Hystrix. For example, not only is there basic product information such as name, description, and price but this page also shows:. Watch the videos here: In more complex applications it might have to make many more. So you should be fine just delivering the API in raw form there, however you’ll still need to:. It implements a circuit breaker pattern, which stops the client from waiting needlessly for an unresponsive service.

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Download a 30 day free trial and see what you’ve been missing. The various gateways may set control headers that you want to look out for in your code e. Even though this is a smartphone application, the product details page displays a lot of information.


Zpi approach also makes the client code much more complex. Where to put functionality in the flow is usually contextual but there are a few easy things to put in every proxy: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Invent 1 real-time applic.

In addition to the Gateway services, the Analytics capabilities for usage Apigee provides is also a major selling point; I’m surprised about how in the dark I was until I started using the Analytics data. With some requests, such as a product details request, the requests to backend services pwttern independent of one another. Said API is fundamental to our strategy and all that. Quickly here’s my scenario: From Design to Deployment.

Here are some Best Practice type content that is generated by Apigee folks – however pattetn importantly – these are NOT directly based on using Apigee Technology as such. Using Apigee to manage your API keys and mint your access tokens gives you a couple things; first line of defense for unauthorized apps and automatic analytics about what the developer is doing getting a high error rate from one app?

Building Microservices Using an API Gateway | NGINX

I’ll have my own client web-site and internal apps using the API as dogfood. However, how it handles the failure depends on the specific scenario and which service is failing. Post as a guest Name. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.