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About the Book: It is one of the most important works of Shankaracharya on Advaita philosophy. The central theme of the book is the identity of the individual self. APAROKSHANUBHUTI by SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA – 1. I bow down to Him – to Sri Hari (the destroyer of ignorance), the Supreme Bliss. Aparokshanubhuti. Self-Realization by Shankaracharya. Reference Texts. Swami Vimuktananda – Aparokshanubhuti · Devanagari Script. Video/Audio Talks and.

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Aparokshanubhuti – Self-Realization – Shankaracharya

Awareness knows the mind. It is the conscious principle. The downside is that they do not address the limitation of experience and the problem of doership. Are they based on observation and experience? You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived! Atman is eternal, since it is Existence itself; the body is transient, as it is non-existence in essence; and yet etc.

Aparokshanubhuti (Self-Realization) | Never Not Present

The Self is thought to be made up of parts by those ignorant of its nature but is known to be a partless whole by the wise. He does not dispute the idea that attachment is a problem, only that the way to deal with it is not by apqrokshanubhuti power but to see everything as the Self. After the origination of the knowledge of Reality, Prarabdha verily ceases to exist, inasmuch as the body and the like become non-existent; just as aparlkshanubhuti dream does not exist on waking.


I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden! Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs for So one seeking after knowledge should long meditate upon Brahman for the attainment of the desired goal. With this is to shankxracharya combined Hatha-Yoga for the benefit of those whose worldly desires are partially attenuated.

Just as a pot is only clay, the body is only Awareness. Pages from the book. Based on your browsing history. Just as a golden item like a ring has no existence apart from gold, any being that comes from the Self is also the Self. Just as all objects that are very small appear to be large when viewed through lenses, so does one, etc. Just as a jar is all earth, so also is the body all consciousness. On what does their authority rest?

The central theme of the book is the identity of the jivatman individual self and Paramatman Universal Self. The wise should shankaracharyx be one with that silence wherefrom words together with the mind turn back without reaching it, but which is attainable by the Yogins.

Aparokshanubhuti – Self-Realization – Shankaracharya | Vedanta Hub

So how can the body which is inert insentient and illumined by an external agent be the Purusha? Thus alone will he abide in eternal felicity with mind full of consciousness and bliss.


The luminosity of Atman consists in the manifestation of all objects. Their delivery is prompt, packaging very secure and the price reasonable. But such Karma cannot take the place of Prarabdha for a man of knowledgeas he has no other birth being free from ego. The Self is internal and rules the body which is ahankaracharya.

The reason for doubting the fundamental contention of Vedanta…that reality is non-dual Awareness and not the multiplicity that it appears to be…is rooted in the nearly universal conviction that the body is real and that reality is limited to sense objects.

The statues arrived yesterday. The central theme of the book is the identity of the individual self and Universal self. Mar 10, How strange is it that a person ignorantly rests contented with the idea that he is the body, while he knows it as something belonging to him and therefore apart from him even as a person who sees a pot knows it as apart from him!

It is not an easy glamorous path. Herein is expounded the means of attaining to Aparokshanubhuti Self-Realization for the acquisition of final liberation.