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Jun 5, The Paperback of the Witch Fire (Elemental Witches Series #1) by Anya Bast at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. After a chaotic marriage and a rough divorce, all Mira Hoskins wants is stability and normality. But when sexy Jack McAllister enters her life, she discovers. Elemental Witches Quartet Series. Anya Bast. Witch Fire by Anya Bast. Witch Heart by Anya Bast. Witch Fury by Anya Bast. Sign me up to get more news about .

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With the untapped gift to create fire, witch Sarafina Connell is caught up in a war between good and evil. She is a natural born witch with the ability to control air and a group of renegade witches has discovered her existence and are determined to steal her power – and her life. About Anya Bast Anya Bast lives in the country with her Belgian husband, their tornado toddler of a daughter, and more cats, dogs, and rabbits than is sane.

There are some evil characters in this story that will do anything to get Mira, but that won’t be easy with Jack protecting her.

Elemental Witches Quartet Series

Did I mention really lengthy sex scenes? Jan 25, Manvir rated it liked it Shelves: There was also MUCH more plot development and action in the 2nd half. Jack is a powerful witch with the ability to command fire and is anything but normal.

Because although I did like this book, it didn’t enthral me. Jul 10, Irina Villacis rated it did not like it Shelves: However, as part of my effort to clean up my bookcase of all the books I have lingering around, but have never read I chose Witch Fire as my October Clearing-my-Case read. Great paranormal book I will certainly buy more for this authors books. It’s the first book i read by Anya Bast and i picked it after some very high ratings i saw from friends and mostly,because the premise seemed more than interesting.


Book Whispers: Review: Witch Fire by Anya Bast

According to her parents’ last wishes, she was raised in ignorance of her true heritage: The plot was nonexistent in comparison to the almost constant sexual interactions between the two main characters. The coven sends a protector, Jack, to protect and help her understand her powers and how to use them.

Passion is all consuming I was VERY please with the story line. Harry Potter Years by J. Long story short, there is a very, very bad dude, a wittch, after element witches to basically suck the magick out of the witches, summon a demon, for said evil warlock needs. Bast came out with a new series, Dark Magick, that just blew me away. A twisted sickness that makes it ok for one person to hurt and denigrate another.

It’s the first book i read by Anya Bast wwitch i picked it after some very high ratings i saw from friends and mostly,because the Review originally posted at http: The habit of referring to witches by their elements kept making me giggle, as I kept imagining an air witch and a fire witch sitting around eating a sandwich. Did I mention really lengthy sex scenes?

This continues through much of the book, with our heroine in “zomg he kidnapped me and yet I find him strangely sexy” mode a lot, and some mild bondage play as well. Just reading about these two characters was amazing on its on, in my opinion: Horrible writing as a vehicle for shock-jock style porn.


Elemental Witches Quartet: Witch Fire 1 by Anya Bast (2007, Paperback)

Witch Fire has a new idea to bring to the overwhelmed genre of Paranormal Romance. After about halfway through I realized that the sex was too much. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Trivia About Witch Fire Eleme The relationship itself was very hot, they did have great chemistry and Bast wrote some fantastic sex scenes between them. The wtch was not bad but I like more story with my romance.

As such, the growing attraction between Mira and Jack is very human and intense, and ajya sex is very passionate and written in a refreshingly non-corny, non-wishy-washy way. Also very basst happened in the first half of the book. Hot and steamy and plentiful but doesn’t take away from the story. To be honest the need to jump in bed together because of some magic pull is just way over used. Aug 21, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: There are evil witches, warlocks, who use other witches as sacrifices to Demons to gain more powers.