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UNIT 4 ANTI-ARRACK MOVEMENT. Structure. Aims and Purpose. Introduction. The Movement: How it Began. Other Initiatives against Arrack. Anti-Arrack Movements for Women in India! Women have been in the forefront of movements against liquor-related social evils. Women in Patad village in Uttar. Anti-Arrack movement. Year:(September and October) Place:Andhra Pradesh Purpose: Ban on alcoholism. In AP witnessed a spontaneous.

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Thus, the anti arrack movement also became part of the women’s movement.

It also allowed the populations to take cognizance of their own situations and act accordingly. Arrack consumption was a popular phenomenon only among the poor. Look for other sources of revenue. After the third five-year plan there is no mention of prohibition in the subsequent plans. Many women even committed suicide to escape this daily torture. The women of Medepalli could shut down the liquor shops in the village but those in Mudigonda village, a kilometer arrakc, remained open.

These agitations shaped the anti arrack movement in the state Q. Women began their clean-up campaign by destroying articles used for distilling arrack in several houses.

This affected the family as well as the economy. Leave a Reply Click here to movemnet reply.

These probably inspired women to movfment for their rights. This simple demand brought forth an agitation involving thousands of women and spread into the urban areas and turned into a movement.

Rural women in remote village from AP fought a battle against alcoholism. However, rather than these steps being taken or prohibition being imposed, it was lifted during this period from all states except Gujarat. People had to go to the sara or liquor compound to have a drink. The movement made demands of equal representation to women in politics during the ninetees. Women retorted back and wanted to know atni for everything he consulted his colleagues.


The Movement Against Rape in India. Government and arrack Through out the agitation,Government took a stand that it needs revenue from arrack to carry out welfare activities especially providing Rs. Now the Government became Sara Koru Sarkar. Help Center Find new research papers in: How did the anti-arrack movement originate.

The snti of liquor became illegal and punishable with conviction and fines upto Rupees One lakh. Outcome of the women’s movement: Women had to face the brunt of violence emerging from being inebriated. They argued that Government should reduce its expenditure. Men from Medepalli would sneak into watering holes in Mudigonda and return inebriated.

Anti-Arrack Movement : | Economic and Political Weekly

It will focus on the origins of the movement and try to evaluate the causes that led to the women of Andhra Pradesh uniting and protesting the sale and consumption of arrack. The income generated from artack production and sale of arrack in the state was too large for the governments to take any steps to stop its production or sale.

They had a simple demand of no selling and drinking of liquor in the village. The government-imposed a ban on sale of liquor in the state, and prohibition was imposed. Contractors and arrack Liquor barons rule the roost in Andhra Pradesh, dominating politics, society and cultural life. InKerala also imposed ban on liquor within the state.


From anti-arrack to total prohibition: the women’s movement in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The men consumed arrack, expending limited household resources. A Women’s Movement -The anti arrack Movement. At the end movrment this mission over 1. This term project has been submitted by: Women took action on the spot depending on the situation.

Akshara Jyoti was a post- literacy campaign, which encouraged the people to live with the dignity of labour, prevent arrack sales so that resources could be spent on educating the future generations.

Click here to sign up. This aspect has been briefly enumerated in this essay.

Anti-Arrack Movements for Women in India

The Government now in a catch 21 situation. The upper-caste women only lent passive support to these struggles. In many districts, women decided enough was enough. Article 47, under the Directive Principles of State Policy discusses prohibition.

Given magisterial powers to deal with boot leggers. Women have been in the forefront of movements against liquor-related social evils. This movement was also against the corrupt nexus between the arrack contractors and elected officials. These reflections of this one movemrnt tell us how a simple social movement has complex facets, each with a different but logical story behind it. Various sections of the society including political parties, MLAs, sarpanches, women groups and volunteers were engaged in this programme that was spearheaded by a Dalit Collector.

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