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How To Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Out Of a Pringles Can . DIY super awesome outdoor wifi antenna Antena Wifi, Diy Electronics, Electronics Projects, Satellite. Build a WiFi Antenna out of a Pringles can Antena Wifi, Pringles Can, Wifi This is my nerd School project (turning a Pringles can into a long range wifi antenna. b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout. I’ve been networks with ( WiFi). One of the first things that got me excited was the Pringles Can Antenna.

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Many people use them to extend their Wi-Fi signal to a hard to reach part of the home, or even extend their Wi-Fi to the bottom of the garden. You may find that you get a better signal with the probe pointing sideways rather than straight up — if you can see the aerials on the router you are connecting to, try to mimic their orientation for the best results. Ingenious internet users have been using everything from kitchen foil and food strainers, to home made Yagi style antennas to boost their Wi-Fi ranges.

Cantennas can be used to increase lringles phone range, [5] improve reception, and decrease noise.

To see if I could improve upon the design, I built mine with corrected spacing. The resulting setup is a low-cost high-quality high-gain antenna.

In our test, the Flickenger Pringles can did a little better than my modified Pringles design. Build a ‘Cantenna’ Aerial”. The Performance Summary The results surprised me! Cantennas are anteja used for extending a wireless local area network WLAN. Firstly, you can try to add one yourself.

I would advise cutting a slightly large piece of wire to begin with, and soldering it into place inside the brass socket on the top of the connector. To do this, I setup a wireless wiri and changed only the antenna- recording each antennas’ performance under identical conditions. Once again, this has to be as precise as possible, so take your time!


802.11b Homebrew WiFi Antenna Shootout

The general consensus is that a can with an inside diameter of between 76mm and mm work best, with 92mm being the sweet spot. It is worth doing this regardless however, as you can expect to see great performance increases from this upgrade alone.

I decided to make both cans into cantennas — this guide covers the construction of the coffee can, though the construction is exactly the same for both, just with different spacing as per the calculating tool above. It is worth noting however, that this boost will be directional depending on the orientation of the can, and while it will help hugely in one direction, it may limit the strength of the signal in other areas.

Whichever method you use, measure the diameter of your N type connector with the nut removed, and abtena a hole slightly bigger, so that the N connector can slide in.

Cantennas may be used with other RF devices such as wireless security cameras. Retrieved from ” https: It seems that the design formulas for the waveguide design made a wifl difference in performance.

We will be attaching this probe to the female N type connector using our soldering iron. Why would you want to make something like this?

Of the waveguides, the Nalley’s “Big Chunk” took top marks. I mean they stomped them into the ground on signal strength – as much as 9 dB better. Difi seems that everyone is building and using these.


Let us know in the comment section below! The cylinder portion of the can may consist of metal-coated paperboard.

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Getting Started With Arduino: Antenna information about reproducing this article in any format, contact the author: For it to be effective it would have to be well over a meter long. While folks are calling it a Yagi-Uda style antenna, the design of the driven element in the Pringles can antenna looks like a Waveguide style design.

For Heathkit Cantenna antenna-related device, see Dummy load. In the yagis, it didn’t matter much. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is also worth noting that this measurement is to abtena taken from the base of the can, not the ridge around the bottom.

How To Make a Wi-Fi Antenna Out Of a Pringles Can

Formulas in hand, I started searching my cupboards for tin cans that fit the spec. Now that the can itself is finished, we need a way to attach it to our computer or router to reap the benefits. While waiting antwna some wireless equipment to come in, Prngles started looking for my next antenna project. Back up the thin metal with a wood scrap and drill a starter hole with regular drill bit, then insert the Unibit and simply work down the “steps” until you have the appropriate diameter required.

Getting Started With Blynk: A commercial Lucent “range extender” omni directional A buddy’s Flickenger-design Pringles can Yagi My modified design Pringles can A Flickenger design coffee can waveguide A coffee can waveguide with corrected radiator placement A Hunts