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The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales is a remarkable treasure trove, a work that tales of childhood and presents them through the vision of Maria Tatar, a leading . Tatar M. The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales. New York: W. W. Norton & Co.; Booktopia has The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales, The Annotated Books by Maria Tatar. Buy a discounted Hardcover of The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales.

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Sep 14, Joni rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read saving…. It has footnotes and variants of some tales and parts of tales, biographies of writers and illustrators, and an excellent bibliography of further reading.

Dec 28, H. It is just a lovely book. Maria Tatar has now edited one of the most sumptuous coffee-table books of tales I have annotatec seen, also for Norton. We know better than the Victorians. Oh, and the stepmother danced to death in red hot iron shoes at the wedding.

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar

This marvellous collection does exactly what it says on the tin. I read the entire thing through cover to cover. But they are, in order: Yet the Grimms’ stories do not escape the interpretive challenges posed by narratives that blend multiple voices and discourses.

She also includes more than color illustrations by classic artists and discusses how they extend the stories. Aug 04, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: True to the oral tradition, each lively tale is perfect for reading aloud; but in addition, Harvard professor Tatar brings folklore scholarship to the general reader with annotations right there in the margins of the spacious pages.

A good gift book, and with its greater variety I think overall more appealing than Tatar’s Annotated Brothers Grimm, with which it is somewhat redundant — though like that one, it’s meant to appeal to a broader audience. I really enjoyed reading these fairy tales that I remember from my childhood By Maria Tatar, editor and translator. Gathering together twenty-five of our most cherished fairy tales, including enduring classics like ” Beauty and the Beast ,” ” Jack and the Beanstalk ,” ” ,” and ” Bluebead ,” Tatar expertly guides readers through the stories, exploring their historical origins, their cultural complexities, and their psychological effects.


I also loved the wide variety of illustrations for each story.

To what degree, for example, do their tales reflect the local and the particular? Voices have been raised against tales – the Dutch novelist Cees Nooteboom, comparing them tagar myths, said that they were lies and simplifications, “a false longing for the writing of myths”.

I really enjoyed reading this annotated edition of some of the classic fairy tales.

Sep 20, Marcia rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Hardcoverpages. And it is the biggest book I own.

Telling tales

It mixes folk favourites – Russian and Scandinavian and English with Perrault and Grimm – but adds five authored tales by Andersen. What I constantly find ironic is the idea that faerytales fall under the realm of “children’s stories”.

Tale the woods with Little Red Riding Hoodup the beanstalk with Jack, and down through the depths of the ocean with the Little Mermaidthis volume takes us through many of the vairy paths of our folkloric heritage. We are enlightened by “subversive” and “revisionary” readings. It helps, as well, when the introduction is by someone that I really enjoy reading, like Maria Tatar who, like Jack Zipes, is amazing when it comes to knowledge about faerytales.

Tatar’s introductory essays are thoughtful and balanced, presenting Bettleheim’s psychological analyses, more modern gender-based explanations, and her own thinking in good measure. Hundreds of high-quality, color reproductions of period illustrations illuminate and enhance Tatar’s cogent remarks about the power of classix to influence and comment on a story through visual interpretation.

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales. By Maria Tat – Ethnologies – Érudit

The “depthless” matter of fairy tales has been squeezed into all kinds of shoes and rings, stuffed down chimneys and minced into sausages by commentators, elaborators and disintegrators. Tatar not only includes good annotations to the tales, but also brief bios about the writers and the artists. Originally told between adults, they were often lascivious–in one version Little Red Riding Hood performs a strip tease mzria the wolf the common symbol of the predatory male.

I clasaic a gorgeous copy of this with pristine dust jacket at a used bookstore called, I think, BookMan BookWoman in Nashville.


The stories here are classic, of course, it’s right there in the title. Philip Sidney wrote enticingly of the excitement of “a tale which holdeth children from play and old men from the chimney corner”. The editor is Harvard Professor Maria Tatar.

Tatar asks one of the pertinent questions about that: Especially fascinating to me were the lesser-known tales included like Donkeyskin and East of the Mara West of the Moon. Jul 03, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: She accompanies each with a scholarly introduction providing history and context and annotations insights into psychological readings, variations of the tale, intertextual references intended as “conversational readings” between adults and children.

The psychological reasoning shared in the annotations is fascinating. It is a wonderfully illustrated collection.

The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales

So, what are the classics? Reference is made to Bettelheim’s heavily determined Freudian readings of fairy tales, to mythographers seeing sunrise and sunset as red, to lycanthropy and Susan Brownmiller’s views of the tale as a paradigm of rape and indoctrination into female victimhood. By the end of the book, Callum and I had talked both about these stories as part of an adult storytelling tradition and about the men who first collected or composed them.

Don’t fall asleep cuddling this book. Unless we are unlucky we get hooked on stories before we are old enough to ask ourselves why, or to distinguish one kind of story from another. This was a interesting look at the history of the fairy tales we know and love. Library Locations and Hours. The commentary is as fascinating as the stories and art in this large-size collection of 26 classic, mainly European, fairy tales, which have been newly translated in an immediate colloquial style.

Each text becomes an enabling device, allowing readers to work through their fears and to purge themselves of hostile feelings and damaging desires.