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Annadel State Park is one of the largest and most well known mountain bike trail embed map of Annadel State Park mountain bike trails | annadel state park. Click here or on the map to download a PDF version to print. feet as you descend past spring-fed meadows on a well-graded trail to Annadel’s east side. Annadel State Park, located 60 miles north of San Francisco on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa, offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain Print/PDF Map.

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Annadel Hikes

A very nice walk in the park. Ridge Trail – Xnnadel long stretch of single-track featuring rocky open sections and smooth, fast forested sections.

For wildflower lovers, Annadel Park offers a great variety of flowers from early Spring until early Summer, especially on a hike around Lake Ilsanjo. I won’t be making that mistake in the future. This is a simple but pretty hike. May 28, 4: It is part of a 3-park system that are all joined together for a terrific hiking experience.

Trione-Annadel State Park

Unfortunately, the top is on private land. At the Lawndale trailhead, take Lawndale trail up to Ledson Marsh, then take a left annqdel Marsh trail. At the restroom, take a right onto Marsh trail, then a right onto South Burma trail.


Moderate climb, the marsh at the end is gorgeous. Roger Clary on Orchard Trail. There are 3 possible routes for this hike The high road: Take the Spring Creek trail to Lak Ilsanjo.

Now go left onto Spring Creek. You must login to Trailforks. Free parking on the street near trail head. Continue on Rough Go to the right. The second annade, of the trail is Redwood trees and the last part is pine giving way to oak.

Annadel State Park – TrailMeister

Give minutes from home to setup carpools, 2 hours to hike from Lake Ralphine to the Gazebo for lunch, 30 min for lunch, and 3 hours to hike to the end.

Go annadrl again on Warren Richardson trail until annwdel meets the Two Quarry trail. If you have never been to ParkTrail, I suggest that you take 10 minutes to hike into where the park starts so you can recognize where to leave later.

However, the trailheads are far apart and will add to your driving time. Very easy trail with some great views along the way. Most of the trail is through forest. Turn right on Mission Blvd, then left on Montgomery Drive. Steve’s trail will annxdel into the Ridge trail.


Best Trails in Annadel State Park – California | AllTrails

In fact, before the park was “upgraded” and legalized in the mids, Annadel was anandel for its gnarly boulder-strewn downhills.

Best Trails in Annadel State Park reviews. I hiked this trail with two other ladies. Park for free by the dam, and take a trail to the top of the dam.

Take a right on Channel drive and park at the side of the road next to the Cobblestone Trailhead. Near Lake Ilsanjo, there is a Gazebo that you can eat lunch in.

Add 2 extra miles by taking a right at Orchard and coming back on Cobblestone to meet up with Rough-Go. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. If you have more energy or time than you thought, you can.