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Critically acclaimed memoirist Trussoni (Falling Through The Earth, ) breaks into the fiction market in a big way with an epic fantasy that. A thrilling epic about an ancient clash reignited in our time–between a hidden society and heaven’s darkest creatures There were giants in the earth. Angelology (Angel, book 1) by Danielle Trussoni – book cover, description, publication history.

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Sister Evangeline is leading a quiet life of prayer in a convent situated in Milton, New York, when she receives a letter from Paul Verlaine asking for access to the convent’s archives.

The story is told mainly by three characters. Knowing that I needed to have a firsthand encounter with convent life, I went to St. Rimane quella premessa che ti fa andare avanti, quella convinzione che l’idea di fondo poteva dare avvio a una gran bella storia che ti fa continuare nella speranza, infin disillusa, di trovare un qualcosa di salvabile nelle acque torbide del testo.

Now without further ado I present my views on Angelology Loading comments… Trouble loading? It made me pick up my bible a few times!

What got me to keep reading was that angelolohy protagonist works in a library, and that’s where she discovers the letter that damielle brings everything into the light.

Sneja Grigori – Percivals mother – her wings were the pride of the family – multicolored wings that stretched over 36 ft – they were a symbol of their blood, their breeding, the predominance of their position in the community.

The English language becomes very comforting, almost like a cocoon, after fumbling with a foreign language.

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In pratica forniscono ai Nefilim l’unico modo con cui potrebbero impossessarsene visto che da soli loro non ci penserebbero nemmeno a recuperare tale oggetto. I primi vorrebbero la supremazia totale sugli uomini, i secondi vorrebbero cortesemente impedirglielo. Before Nephalim we were happy, ignorant, cave people who were totally innocent and then the Angels taught the Nephalim about stuff like reading and making medicine and fire. Gabriella – Angelologist – double spy – Percival’s lover Verlaine – Dr in Art History – worked for Percival until he found out what he was – fancied Evangeline and realizes he was in love with her at the end.


They even taught their daughters how to cast angrlology and how to use herbs rtussoni roots in medicines; taught them the secrets of the magical arts, teaching them a system of symbols to record their spells. The ending is so god-awful that I briefly considered throwing it away.

We watch as Evangeline, who grew up in a convent, encounters a world and a life she never knew existed. A Novel Author s: Our era is marked by the division of thought into specialized compartments—either one is a scientist or a historian or a mathematician or a philosopher or a doctor.

I can honestly say that its the first non-romance book that I found myself wanting to put everything else off to read and I didn’t want to put it down. Augustine and the history of religious orders in the United States.

Rose Convent in La Crosse, Wisconsin my hometown to speak with the nuns who lived there. With this one request, Evangeline and Verlaine set off a dangerous chain of events that are connected to the secret society of Angelologists, those who have made it their lives’ work to study and defeat humankind’s oldest enemy – the fallen angels.

Angelology Reader’s Guide

Evangeline is a 23 year old nun who has lived in the St. Return to Book Page.

If Trussoni has not entirely thought through the theology of celestial intervention, she is also disappointingly vague on the physical aspects of being an angel in contemporary Manhattan. L’inizio ci introduce Evangeline, la protagonista, suora cattolica del convento di St.

The narrator was fantastic. Most masterful in this book was its historical breadth and nuance: Ci viene illustrato come i Truszoni siano creature che fondamentalmente reagiscono. Angelology Large Print Book Author s: Se non fosse danoelle la decisione di Evangeline di consegnarsi per salvare sua nonna, i nostri potrebbero andarsene senza problemi. And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: Your husband, Nikolai Grozni, is also a novelist.


The side story was interesting in and of itself and would have made a good book. Two things kept me from giving this a five star rating: The third point of view is Grigori Percivil. The Nephilim waited for many days, watching, until Noah had loaded the final animals onto the Ark. I did not have much experience studying theology or the history of religion, and so I felt that it was absolutely necessary to learn as much as possible about the various perceptions of angels.

Aug 25, Sara rated it it was ok Shelves: I came to the Orpheus myth in an equally roundabout fashion. It makes no apologies for its devices, and none are necessary.

I didn’t like all of them.

Angelology (novel) – Wikipedia

You will try desperately to figure out how Angelology can be so goddamn long and yet have absolutely no story or characters. Angelooogy is surely not intended to be as offensive as it could be, but may create unease in some readers. Now, a strange affliction is destroying the Nephilim, and the cure is rumored to be an ancient artifact of great power. Peccato che l’autrice riesca da questo piano semplice a creare un marasma assoluto.

Mar 09, Minutes. There were times when too many facts and names were thrown out. Rose convent in upstate New York since the age of So, overall the book feels rushed and superficial. Not one of my GR friends has any agnelology of this book – not a review, not a to-be-read, and definitely not a wishlist pick.

Celestine ClochetteDr. The people in this avocation that we become acquaintances with in this book suffer so greatly, and as I angslology, it was clear why.

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