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Luis Angel Villar, Email: @crallivlegnasiul. .. Azoh Barry J. Social sciences research on infectious diseases of poverty: too little and. Hawkes,; Nimerta Rajwans,; W Conrad Liles,; Luis Angel Villar-Centeno and; Kevin C KainEmail author. BMC Infectious Diseases Twenty years ago, after completing my training in infectious diseases I returned to my city Bucaramanga, Colombia. A national dengue.

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Those whose occupation was defined by activities included students, housewives, army anvel, and non-qualified workers, among others [ 324258 ]. However, the fact that we did not include documents written in native languages from the Asia region Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc.

Moreover, in the case of dengue, type of infection and immunological status will depend on previous exposure to the virus. Some papers described equivalent risk among all ethnic groups [ 52546091 ], whereas others noted a protective role among Africans or persons of African ancestry [ 87 ], higher risk for severe forms among Whites [ infects ], or that being Black or of African ancestry was determinant for dengue mortality [ infecuts ].

Greater frequency of mortality in men was reported in 18 papers [ 35 xngel, 373941 — 43556473 — 81 ], whereas seven reported higher frequencies in women [ 27293032588283 ]. Health systems dimension aspects related to dengue mortality according to content analysis.

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Scoping Review dengue mortality and SDH database: An added challenge is the fact that it is not always possible to distinguish between SDHs and biological factors, nor to identify their determinant roles infectys [ 1819]. A total of documents were anfel, of which were eligible and 78 were included in the review. This was reported as the presence or absence of a surveillance system in the study settings.


Each year,people, including children, are affected with dengue hemorrhagic fever DHFthe severe form of the disease. No deaths were mentioned in suspected primary infections.

Why has it taken so many decades to develop dengue vaccines? Funding This work did not receive any supporting grants. Int J Equity in Health. Int J Social Res Methodol.

Dengue virus type 3, Brazil, The role of each SDH in dengue mortality was assessed using content analysis results. Dengue is one of the most rapidly spread vector borne diseases and a major viral disease worldwide [ 1 ]. Neither health care coverage nor hospital length of stay was conclusive as a determinant for dengue mortality. In the case of opportunity for care, empowered and disease-aware individuals tend to seek care opportunely [ 19 ] and knowledgeable staff tend to offer opportune management to dengue patients [ 1819 ].

Two papers discussed the socioeconomic and political context by describing dengue as a political issue [ 93 ] and the development of the disease in a city considered to be an economic hub [ 27 ]. People in Latin America perceive dengue as a highly serious disease, knowing that it can be mortal and fearing its effects. This might be due to the fact that available information about dengue cases is usually focused on biological factors and the available evidence is published in biomedical databases [ 8893 ].

Mortality from septic shock in a dengue infected patient: Guzman MG, Kouri G. Dengue is a multifactorial disease, and although there is much information on the presence of the disease, there is limited information on the causes of dengue mortality.


DVI Dengue Champion Spotlight: Dr. Luis Ángel Villar Centeno

Different types of documents were reviewed, with different study designs, outcomes and sources. Live attenuated vaccine technology to optimize protection.

Dengue in the Americas and Southeast Asia: As progress has been made in the development of dengue vaccines, and, according to the results of the studies, additional questions and challenges have emerged. The search was conducted using a set of key words related to dengue mortality in several electronic databases: Closing the gap in a generation: Epidemic dengue transmission in southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Documents were grouped according to the dengue classification used and SDHs [ 16 ] were categorized under three dimensions: Access to health care is nevertheless mediated by other SDHs, such as income and poverty [ 1618 — 20, ], and it is therefore essential to recognize that limited access to health care may contribute to the development of dengue fatal outcomes [ 3192130 — 324092 ].

Egyptian Journal of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis. Clinical features, complications and atypical manifestations of children with severe forms of dengue hemorrhagic fever in South India. Contributor Information Mabel Carabali, Email: These comorbidity conditions were merely described and not explicitly reported as determinants for dengue deaths.