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Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan has ratings and 19 reviews. Holly said: stars. Fun read. Todd Gallagher suffers from the all too common wr. Directed by Todd J. Gallagher. With Andy Roddick, Todd J. Gallagher. ‘Andy Roddick Beat me With a Frying Pan’. Courtesy Three Rivers Press. As strange as it may sound to anyone with a sense of decency, there.

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Andy, don’t you realize a good artist never blames his instrument? This isn’t just about playing a tennis fryinb vs. Sarkisian out as Falcons overhaul coaching staff Atlanta Falcons. The best tennis player in America did an impressive job keeping rallies going, but I didn’t bail him out by making errors. Em rated it liked it Dec 25, I guess what keeps this from being the better book it could have been is the inconsistency. roddikc

Andy Roddick could beat an average player with a frying pan

Account Options Sign in. If you are an author and it occurs to you that no one likes you, keep yourself roddkck hell out of your writing.

Like Roddick, I can hit all of the shots. You may find this hard to believe, but as impressed as I was with myself, I came away more impressed with Roddick.

I hit my first serve around mph, which is slower than his second serve, and it doesn’t have anywhere near the kind of action Andy’s ball does. I was getting a little concerned. As it turned out, the entire time we played he ended up hitting all but two shots with the forehand.


He started missing, and pretty soon I was cruising. How much of a head starts, or what method of cheating would allow some random fatass to beat Olympic Roddidk Medalist Mo Greene in a sprint?

Dennis rated it it was amazing Apr 21, You wouldn’t win a point and would possibly get injured by one of his serves. Mar 02, Dave rated it liked it. Andy was good enough to think he had a chance, but I was in the driver’s seat. Some chapters are well executed with fun experiments. Nov 25, Holly Cline rated it liked it. There are just too many ways to make an error with a frying pan, and our points w with Roddick either being caught in an incredibly awkward hitting situation or being forced to go for an aggressive shot that he didn’t yet have the feel for making.

When this happens, there are more attempted jokes, which often feel like weak Dave Barry asides. Andy Roddick beat me with a frying pan. Oh, and beta guy with the racket also did some exaggerated fist pumps and gave high fives to the crowd, yelling something about the “heart of a champion.

Andy Roddick Beat Me With A Frying Pan!!! | Talk Tennis

The writing is good enough, but not spectacular. I’m not a sports guy and some of the references, okay, a lot of the references I didn’t get May 08, Robert rated it liked it. Roddick spends his time plowing through opponents in major tournaments, while I spend too much time on my couch watching him do so. The deep flaw in this book is that the author lets too much of his personality shine fryiing into his writing.


It’s kind of uneven so far. To employ an over-used phrase “It is what it is” — but what it is is a fun, breezy, exploration of various fun sports scenarios — can an obese goalie stop every shot, can anyone pick a quarter of Could Roddick beat an average player with a frying pan? How many licks does it take to get to the center ffrying a Tootsie Pop?

Andy Roddick could beat an average player with a frying pan

As to how unfair, well, that would take some thought. Tracking firings, openings and candidates 7h ESPN. Would a roddick of midgets be unstoppable in the MLB? If you had never played tennis before and hit with Andy, you would immediately understand that you were dealing with an friyng athlete.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. We started rallying, and Roddick was, unfortunately, amazing. To Roddick’s credit, though, he fought through these problems. The excerpt focuses on Gallagher’s battle with a pan-wielding Roddick.