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American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America is a non-fiction book by American Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges, published in January. Chris Hedges charts the rise of the US Christian right in American Fascists, says Nicholas Lezard. American Fascists by Chris Hedges – Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a.

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The old guard of the Christian Right is stuck in the culture war mentality that originated in the s. All it will take, Hedges writes, is one more national crisis on the order of September 11 for the Christian Right to make a concerted drive to destroy American democracy. I held off on reviewing this book. Isn’t freedom of fascksts and individual rights what our country was founded upon? But it was just so damn depressing! I had thought that if I remained calm and reasonable and presented facts from impartial sources as the book said I would dothis guy would engage in ameircan dialogue.

He does a stellar job of describing the inner workings of the loonies. Hedges, an experienced foreign correspondent and author of War Is a Force That Gives Chrks Meaning, a gimlet-eyed look at how our nobler impulses are corrupted in order to condition us to slaughter, has looked at the rise of the Christian right and found in it a political agenda with disastrous implications for the future of liberty in America. Read it, pass it on to your friends and neighbors. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point fasciwts view.

Christ Hedges’ book entitled ‘American Fascists’ is a ferocious affair that targets not Christianity, but those that have infiltrated the Westernized version of Christianity to their own gain. What I can say is that after the Tea Party got into power, I noticed that some of my old friends were in it. Sep 07, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: I just could not finish this book.


Price may vary by retailer. He points to the hundreds of senators and members of Congress who have earned between 80 and percent approval ratings from the three most influential Christian Right advocacy groups as one of many signs that the movement is burrowing deep inside the American government to subvert it.

He asserts that, at times, tolerance is not appropriate: Add to Cart Add to Cart.

Please read them—read them all! The threat posed by a very strong group of evangelicals in union with a powerful and well funded group of politicians and heads of cris transnational corporations is very real. In “American Fascists, ” Chris Hedges, veteran journalist and author of the National Book Award finalist “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, ” challenges the Christian Right’s religious legitimacy and argues that at its core it is a mass movement fueled by unbridled nationalism and a hatred for the open society.

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America

Is it a phrase that refers to both, neither, a combination of the two? Must redeem within 90 days. They don’t think overly deeply about the implications of their belief system. Pastor Russell Johnson, who leads the Ohio Restoration Project and is, not coincidentally, an unofficial campaigner for Christian Republican candidates for high office, stands against an enormous American flag with a cross superimposed on it, saying: Instead Hedges reports on the movement in true Journalistic style, resulting in a brief glimpse into the mindset of the average person willingly placing themselves into the embrace of those aiming to replicate a Fascist movement, complete with Cross and Star Spangled Flag.


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Crhis other things, the book attempts to set up chriss picture of “conservative Christians” a phrase with multiple meanings, not some kind of monolithic group as present day “Fascists” read Nazis.

I do not see any reason to repeat what other reviewers have said, so this review will be very short: Retrieved from ” https: While so many snake-oil salesmen attempt to offer us their own variety of tonic, we must navigate the din toward the truth fascistts the matter. Mar 13, Claire S added it Shelves: Hedges believes that forcing Christianity upon people or nations will only lead to a fascist state.

The beliefs of Christians are as flawed and imperfect as all religious beliefs. The book is filled with hate-filled intolerance aimed at homosexuals, liberals, and secular-humanists, the latter of which is apparently a gaudy, widely used pejorative. Hedges’ analysis of the Christian Right’s rise to power in the U.

Review: American Fascists by Chris Hedges | Books | The Guardian

Such as immense failures then all of the sudden “finding Jesus”. I believe those who support secular government and a sustainable future must fight against this threat fzscists our constitution and our freedoms.

Hedges, who grew up in rural parishes in upstate New York where his father was a Presbyterian pastor, attacks the movement as someone steeped in the Bible and Christian tradition. As such, I can only give this book a full five stars for its foresight and accuracy being written inA year before Obama came into office.