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Be sure that your front gain controls are turned down to their lowest level full counter-clockwise.

These amplifiers are designed to provide a big impact in sound reproduction. Channel 1 Frequency Adjustment.

The power-supply cord or the plug has been damaged. See page 9 for more details on input configuration. Thermal Protection – A single variable-speed fan on the V Vplus and dual variable speed fans on the V Vplus and V Vplus amplifiers provide adequate cooling.

Antes de usar este amplificador, lea mas advertencias en la guia de operacion. Dieses Symobl soll den Benutzer auf wichtige Instruktionen in der Bedienungsanleitung aufmerksam machen, die Handhabung und Wartung des Produkts betreffen.

V Power Amplifier by American Audio Valuation Report by

Use these connections to connect the output signal from a mixer, cross-over or EQ to your V Vplus series amplifier. Amplifiers are shipped in stereo mode. It will allow brief clipping of peaks and will only activate when continuous, hard clipping occurs.


Before using this amplifier, read the user manual for further warnings. Ground Lift Switch – This switch is used to disconnect the internal ground signal from the amplifier chassis ground.

Clipping should be kept to a reasonable minimum. V300 limiter page You may also visit us on the web at www. Connect a XLR cable to the input of channel one. Diagram 6 Diagram 11 When connecting your ameeican to the amplifier using spade connector; Unscrew the red and black caps on the binding post, be sure not to completely remove or unscrew the red and black caps.

The diagram below detail the functions of each dip switch, the functions are also printed on the rear panel of the amplifier.

Never block the fan grills in any way or mount in an enclose rack, doing so may cause the amplifier to overheat and fail. The speaker wire may be connect by bare wire directly connected, usually for permanent connectionsbanana plug, or spade connector.

Gain Controls – The maerican controls are located on the front panel and are calibrated in 2dB of attenuation from full gain. Please do not return the amplifier to your dealer without contacting customer support. When dip switches 2 and 3 are in the “ON” the filter will cut off frequencies at and below 30Hz, when americxn dip switches are in the “OFF” position the filter will cut off frequencies at and below 50Hz.


American DJ V3000 2 Channel Professional Stereo Amplifier

Configuring the Low Cut Filter: A balanced connection is recommended for cable runs longer that 20ft. During normal jd below clipping, and momentary clips on peaks, the limiter does not affect the audio signal and is inaudible. If the input gain level is not reduced the built-in limiter will activate.

Insert the banana jacks into the g3000 of the binding post, be sure that the banana jack is inserted securely to avoid the risk of it popping out.

Channel 2 Gain Control – This rotary knob is used to control the output signal of channel two.

This LED may glow when the unit has been turned off, this is normal. Turn your amp on.

American Audio V3000/V2000 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

The limiter has a fixed threshold and can not be adjusted. To prevent electrical shock or fire hazard, do not expose this amplifier to rain or moisture. Apply an input source signal to your amplifier.