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In this case, the owner will have an absolute title over his or her property. Property owned under allodial title is referred as allodial land. Allodial lands are the. This is about land patents, but it is so much more than that. All land not held in allodial title has been hypothecated to the Federal Reserve. An allodial title gives you absolute right to land, without any obligation to any landlord, sovereign Getting allodial title is sometimes called getting a land patent.

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In order to discover the legal distinction between the terms “allodial”, and “fee simple absolute,” we must define the word “estate as used in the definition of “fee simple absolute. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Government and your State Government hold land in paramount title untaxable, unalienable, and unseizable and lnad denies the very people of this country the RIGHT to hold their land in same status All the states from the Mississippi River and the states mentioned above, and eastward to include the original 13 colonies comprise all those lands that come under the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, therefore, every federal land patent in every state thereof flows from that treaty.

Allodial Title Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.

The state being the ultimate owner of the land is the legal basis for property taxes, eminent domain, and land use regulation. All information on this site is provided for educational purposes only, with all rights reserved.

So true is the maxim that incorporeal xllodial lie only in grant. Fixtures Waste Partition Practicing without a license Property rights Mineral rights Water rights prior appropriation riparian Lateral and subjacent support Assignment Nemo dat Quicquid plantatur Conflict of property laws Blackacre Security deposit.

Allodial Titles and Land Patents

And by the old feudal law, the nonperformance of these services was not redressed by distress, but by forfeiture of the feud. The founding fathers knew that free men could survive only as long as they owned property, because it was this ownership that accounted for broad spectrum distribution of income and preservation of the jury system.

The allodial nature of a property will be lost when the property is transferred to more than one person. Blackstone ranks all of these rents as incorporeal hereditament, and Coke, commenting on Littleton’s distinction between feoffment and grants, says, here is implied a division of fees into corporeal, as lands and tenements which lie in livery, comprehended in this word feoffment, and may pass by livery with [] or without deed, and incorporeal, which lie in grant, and cannot pass by livery but by deed, as advowson, commons, etc: Under the Acts of Assembly I have alluded to, the state became the proprietor of all lands, but instead of giving them like a feudal lord to an enslaved tenantry, she has sold them for the best rice she could get, and conferred on the purchaser the same absolute estate she held herself, except the fifth of gold and sliver, and six acres in the hundred for roads, and these have been reserved, as everything else has been granted, by contract.


Yet does the absolute title and the ownership of the land really pass from the seller to purchaser with the use of any one of these three instruments or in any combination thereof? These cases illustrate the power and dignity given to the patent.

They researched the land titles back to the point to where it was held in allodium, then they were able to get it put in allodium in their names. The entirety of the powers of use and disposal by law.

If someone was going to file a claim against property that you thought was yours, would you not want to be given NOTICE? LOL Now, for my uneducated 2 cents worth, which I fully admit is hearsay, and what I have been taught.

Truth – What Is A Land Patent – Allodial Titles

Wallace, possessed, would in England be referred to the deed, because the reversion was gone from them, and all the essential qualities of the tenure went with the reversion. You must also know the difference between paying and discharging a debt. This is because the property is “sold” under color of law, and not according to the Common Law. It’s one of those ‘belief scams’, you believe its money, that it has value, and your ‘confidence’ thus makes it so! In a monarchy that would be the monarch.

Imagine a ‘Title’, on your land, where you are not subject to duties, fees, or taxes!

The patent was created with these high and grand intentions, and was created with such intentions for a sound reason. When it is stated that a color of title conveys only an appearance of title, such a statement is correct but, perhaps, too vague to be properly understood in its correct legal context.

There patehts been dozens of statutes enacted pursuant to Art. Marketable Title Acts adopted in several states generally do not lend themselves to an lanv that they might operate to provide a new foundation of title based upon a stray, accidental, or interloping conveyance.


With the many restrictions placed upon the land, and of course, with the State owning the land State holds true titles the people cannot use the land for their al,odial, purposes, or desires. Post – Supreme Court Cases.

Land patents are granted to the named party and to their heirs and assigns forever. One of these acts however, was the main patent statute in reference to the intent Congress had when creating the patents.

Back in I decided it would help me and help others to put most of what people need to read on one website, constitution. Lahd only reason for the notary, is to make the document cognizant in a foreign venue.

That is more than one person can do in a long life but I have done as much as I can. It was through the ‘experiences’ of our Founding Fathers, coming from a Feudal system, that they desired that in the new country, the United States, that all men would own their land, in its entirety, absolutely, with full dominion, and subject to the claims of no man or government!

Now if these land patents were worthless pieces of paper, then why is everybody jumping on the bandwagon? Statute of quia emptores not in force in Pennsylvania. Now I realize that every point cannot be raised here, either in support or otherwise, but you must start with the basics. Ownership in land is: Aolodial is not properly the land, but a n in the land. Why are you led to believe that you own the land?

Consequently, if the assignee of the reversion sue the assignee of the term, or the assignee of the term sue the lessor, the action is local, and must be brought in the county where the land lies: It is this case and the implications it holds, that prompted her to raise a family, but she is back–in her words, “an advocate,” meaning she fights for causes and principles often left unattended by ordinary lawyers.

Beforeall land in the American colonies could also be traced to royal grants, either a single enormous grant creating each proprietary colony e. That Statute is 3 Stat.

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