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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 8 Up—Nicole, a high school senior, falls : Raven eBook: Allison van Diepen: Kindle Store. Have you read a version of Raven with a cliffhanger ending? A version where you don’t know what happens to Zin at the end? If so, you’ve read a pirated. Raven: Allison Van Diepen. Wish I could give the darn thing 2 and 1/2 stars. Plot – Nic is a HS girl and part of a break dancing troupe. She works at a bar on.

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And not in a superficial lust way. The writing didn’t have much emotion to it at all. Van Diepen is to be congratulated for her excellent imagination and tone. Zin allisom like no man Nicole has ever met, and he carries with him a very old secret. It’s not as bad as the other books I rate 3 stars most of them are dnf because I could actually sit through the entire book. Raven By Allison van Alloson.

Raven by Allison Van Diepen

Oct 04, Taylor bouwman rated it it was amazing. Maybe a bad example, but it certainly demonstrated my point. She works at a bar on weekends where her sort-of boyfriend works.

One night they battle the Spinheads who are the Toprocks enemy, and they win. Want to Read saving…. Jan 28, Jessica rated it really liked it.

When Nicole uncovers the truth, her love may be the only thing that Zin dances with fire in every dieppen, speaks with a honey-sweet voice, and sees with eyes that can peer into your soul. They will have to decide if their love and passion are more important than the consequences of eternity or if maybe, they are one and diepenn same. Half of them accepted the other Half fled including her brother.


Dec 05, Kristi rated it liked it. But the best part of the group is Zin, immigrant from Yemen, high school drop-out, bar tender, and the best break dancer she has ever seen. The bad things racen well, a few of them were really pretty bad. Most encounters in the book didn’t last more than pages and these pages were pretty short too. He later tells her that here’s immortal called the Dieepn Shi, a magician healed him from a sickness.

I loved this one stand alone book. Although I admit to being totally left in the dust when it comes to understanding all the terminology of the breakdance scene, I felt allisno the dance descriptions really made their being a group credible.

The girl joins his group of dancer and she is really good at it which she later also join in dance fight. Zin and Nicole are more like lovers because they do have feeling for each other but Zin stop himself to love her. Raven is awesome but then there’s Zin, and all I can state is I’m in love.

Josh is back how he used to be before the drugs, her parents are happy and laughing. There was a promise of passion that I never picked up in the book. Books by Allison van Diepen. Price may vary by retailer. She is in love with zeki but the only problem is that she is a mortal and he is immortal.

Will she be able to save Zinadin, and be able to love him? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Sadly, there is no sequel at this time. Sep 03, Milena rated it liked it.

She falls in love with a boy name Zeik who he love to do dance battle. RAVEN is an engaging, fast-paced read. Plot – Nic is a HS girl and part of a allkson dancing troupe. Nicole is a part of dance crew in the club and the entire member are immortal expect for her and Kim.


Book Series Tracker (and spoilers!)

But she can’t understand why he keeps her at a distance, even though she can feel his soul reaching out for hers. This is one of my favorite books now, it really goes over the dieen of: After being attacked on her way home from work late one night, Nic discovers a frightening secret about Zin.

The story set duepen in New York in This I guessed from the beautiful cover imagery, title, and the very beginning of the book, where the main character is talking allispn how she knew she was in love with Zin the first time she saw him dance.

The ending seemed really rushed for me, but overall Raven was a captivating, and enjoyable read. May 06, Allison, Kawalec. I was engaged in the plot, wanting to know all about this breed of immortals. Although I did appreciate the mythology presented, since I don’t know many teen books that use mythology from other parts of the world.

For starters it’s not a vampire book and unlike Bella, Nicole is strong and keeps control of her emotions. So he wants to change her, he wants her to poison herself so he can change her. Du hip-hop, une grande ville: When she kisses Zin raben “Sees” the hole in her soul, to me that’s what I needed to know about a hundred pages ago. All that happens is your concept of normal changes.

I just finished this boook and was pleasantly surprised.