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All about Osnovi geopolitike II: Prostorno misliti by Aleksandr Dugin. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. All about Osnovi geopolitike I by Aleksandr Dugin. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Home · Documents; Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1Documents · Aleksandar.

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According to the French conspirologist of the XIXth century Claude Grace d’Ors, this secret organization still existed laeksandar centuries after after the ruin of the phoenician civilization. That was the great collapse of long-term efforts for the eurasian agents. Because this structure is the sine qua non of my spiritual existence, naturally.

The following strategic step consisted in exporting the Atlantic model on the other continents, in the geopolitical colonization of the whole planet, in the transfer of the West, in mystical and geopolitical sense, all over the world, including, of course, also the East. It is characteristic that during his leadership the GRU was created and directed by the sincere eurasist Semyon Ivanovich Aralov. My spirit will find fulfillment here on this earth, through some grand political-authoritarian structure that I shall submit to.

Jeljcin je napola shvatao. Ali, vi se tu pitate.

The history of geopolitics reflects the development of the original geographical opposition to the point of final global conflict. Ona se zasniva na dogmi o “autonomnoj induvidui” tj. The other, somewhat less common, notion is that geopolitics is a method of politics based on taking into account geography as a cause and condition of political actions, encompassing a wide spectrum of social, economic, political and military decisions.

Probably, he had reasons to be afraid of a terrible and cruel reaction. The continental projects were constantly stopped. Immediately after the german defeat, Stalin began to realize a new geopolitical project, the Warsaw Agreement, integrating East European countries in the atmosphere of Great Soviet Russia.

The creation of the Red Army was bisiness of the agents of Eurasia; and in this respect it is curious to remind an historical event, that twenty seven days after the creation of the general headquarter of the Red Army on the Eastern Front July 10, a crew of Chekists attacked it and liquidated all of its members, including the commander-in-chief. O Srbima na Kosovu i Metohiji niko ne brine! In this report – a copy of which Parvulesco transmitted to us – he analyzed the occult role of the Soviet military intelligence service otherwise called GRU Glavnoe Razvedyvatelnoe UpravlenieMain Intelligence Serviceand the connection of the GRU with the secret Order of Eurasia.


Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija

But the triumph of the Order of Eurasia under Brezhnev was far from being complete. But despite of the imprisonment of Lukyanov, it lsnove nevertheless not possible to present him as the head of the conspiracy and to erase on this basis all the the eurasist agents network, all GRU secret structures.

The August putsch was alekandar should alekeandar, on premeditation of his authors the culmination of geopolitical opposition, the decisive moment of the invisible war.

Here the whole logics is revealed of the geopolitical, continental backgound of the invisible occult fight passing through the centuries – the occult War of Continents. The important point is that tradition and modernity are being flatly opposed as two geographical — spatial — opposites, what in the eyes of someone like Rene Guenon would probably look like pure Satanism, because it inverts the order of the principles: Depressive Tolerance 28th March Probably, Kryuchkov had stipulated some conditions also for his organization, as in case of a rigorous military eurasist regime the KGB structures of aleksandaar would be erased – at least, in their old, party-terrorist, mondialist and atlantist kind.

The European Enterprise – Manticore Press

However the khrushevian offensive manoeuvres meet the well coordinated occult reaction of the eurasists: But this should not influence our resoluteness, our rage, our cold and passionate Cruelty. Therefore the network of Atlantic agents in the states of Eurasia not only pursued a defensive goal weakening the geopolihike geopolitical forcebut also supposed offensive operations. Khrushev’s activity was directed to destroying the internal structures of the eurasists in the USSR, and also to undermining the global continental project of a supra-statal planetary block.

The army had now its rigorous agency at the highest level.

But only those among them who are devoted to the Continent of East, to its mysterious and unknown Destiny. Muslimani danas sebe smatraju civilizacijom.

Lamaists are sure that the present Dalai Lama will be the last. While the majority among the precious few relevant Western critics geopoliitke Dugin geppolitike on his occult and philosophical musings, FG provides us with a far more important thing: Brezhnev’s strategy was on the whole continentally oriented, though space and space weapon became nevertheless the basic sphere of strategic interest.

So already for the second time in history, practically the same figures prepared for a desperate, complex, dangerous aleksandsr capturing geopolitical duel.


Knowing about the geopolitical projects of general Shtemenko, and in particular, about the geopolitical and strategic value of Afghanistan, the people from Lubyanka decided to provoke an armed and forced intervention in the afghani internal political situation.

Ever since I discovered Master Wong I feel either like a woman that has married a man half her age or a man that has married a woman twice his size. All of your eyes are shut to the truth. On the contrary, Third Rome is a civilization that can successfully bring this task to its fulfilment and inaugurate the Empire of the End, the term Dugin appropriated from his mentor Jean Parvulesco. In the new conflict Telurocracy wins. I would like to know more. Let us now briefly outline the peripeties of the occult war of the Eurasian Order against the Atlantic Orders within the Soviet system.

The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”, pt. 1

Leontyev was neither understood neither listened to. Srbija mora da probudi Rusiju! Are you ready, soldiers of Eurasia?

Many had guesses about an occult background of this organization. The reason why Dugin makes this purely rhetorical sidestep is to propose a desired outcome and incite his readers to work towards alekssndar.

It must be noticed that Berzin ignored this order. The Land and geopolifike Sea expand their primordial conflict onto the whole world. But the ruin of the Union, the attacks against the Army, the attempts to involve the Army in nationalist and micro-territorial conflicts, the suicidal policies in alfksandar Baltic Republics, shattering the last remains so valuable for the eurasists of the Ribbentropp-Molotov pact, the promotion of uncontrolled mafia and open criminals into the political arena, and many other things led GRU in a blind alley.

I would invite Western followers of Dugin to chew on this some for some time. If the fulfilment of the global onsove would be purely deterministic, there would be no incentive to write the rest of this mammoth book and outline the design for the creation of a multipolar world a.

And, to finish on an occult note after all, let us hear what this Empire of the End would look like:.