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ALCOHOL CONTENT DETERMINATION – authorSTREAM Presentation. density, if you have density of your initial product you can estmate and also build a curve using etanol to the mix and know the final density later. If you know the. Two methods are adopted for the estimation of this. In one Traditionally, determination of alcohol in galenicals is carried out by distillation method followed by.

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The instant invention is directed to a method for enhancing the efficacy of alcohol-based skin disinfectants or antiseptics comprising adding about 0. Preparation of Pig Skin: Compositions having enhanced deposition of a topically active compound on a surface.

Thus, when they are applied to skin, alcohol concentration and contact time with bacteria and other microorganisms are minimized due to evaporative loss. Non-woven fabric treated with a biocidal composition and a method of impregnating fabric alcoho, prevent rot. The dish was placed on a top loading balance sensitive to 0. Add to it 50ml of brine solution, i. This method is useful for examining most fluid extracts and tinctures, provided ; The capacity of the distilling flask is sufficient commonly two to four times eestimation volume of the liquid to be heated Rate of distillation is such galeniccals clear distillates are produced Troubleshooting the problems: Collect distillate 2ml less than original volume of the test liquid 48mladjust the temperature at which the original test liquid was measuredadd water to make 50ml and mix.

Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Gslenicals dressing comprising silver sulfadiazine incorporated in animal tissue and method of preparation. The distillate must be clear and not more than slightly cloudy galennicals does not contain more than traces of volatile substances other than alcohol and water. Infolinks In Text Ads.

US5288486A – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

Before use in a test, a section of pig skin was thawed, destubbled using a disposable razor, and defatted using a scalpel. Compare the peak response ratio. Preferred viscosifying agents are selected from the group consisting of hydroxypropyl cellulose polymers, polyvinyl pyrrlidones, and polymeric quaternary ammonium salts of hydroxyethyl cellulose reacted with a trimethyl ammonium substituted epoxide. Volatile acids and bases Render the preparations containing volatile bases slightly acidic with dilute sulphuric acid before distillation If volatile acids are present, render the preparation slightly alkaline with sodium hydroxide test solution Acidifying the bases or alkalinizing the acids causes gaelnicals to be converted to ionized form and form salts.


The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. If a zone of inhibition surrounding the plug developed, the skin contained residual antibiotics and was not used.

If cloudy, add talc or CaCO 3 and filter, adjust temperature and determine the alcohol content from the specific gravity. Suspensions of the various organisms were made by overlaying an eshimation agar slant culture with 10 mls of Butterfield Buffer and gently rubbing the agar surface with a sterile pipet.

Take 25ml in galenlcals separating flask. Posted by The Pharmacist at These examples are not intended to limit the scope of the invention.

Take 25ml in a container with stopper.

USA – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

Solution containing free iodine must be treated with; 1- Powdered zinc zinc aglenicals will be formed 2- Decolorize with sufficient sodium thiosulfate solution followed by few drops of sodium hydroxide. The prepared skins were placed in a refrigerator overnight. Ratings of 0 to 10 were given to denote coverage; i. Imprints were made by inverting the mounting holder anct pressing the treated skin onto the agar surface.

Collect distillate 2ml less than original volume of the test liquid 23mladjust the temperature at which the original test liquid was measuredadd water to make 25ml and mix. Cloudy distillates may be clarified by agitation with TALC or with white ppt of CaCO 3 and filtered after which the temperature of the filtrate is adjusted and the alcohol contents allcohol determined from the specific gravity given is B.


Add equal volume of water and distill. Calculated the specific gravity and noted its percentage from the table given in B.

One of two pieces of inoculated skin was treated with 0. Add 40ml of petroleum ether or petrol and shake for 2 minutes then take the lower layer. Antimicrobial film-forming composition, antimicrobial film, and method of verifying the presence of an antimicrobial film. The improved alcohol-based antiseptics thus obtained are also claimed.


All the solutions containing free Iodine should be treated with Zinc before the distillation or decolorize with Nathiosulphate followed by a few drops of NaOH. What is claimed is: While the molecular weight of the viscosifying agent is not critical, these preferred viscosifying agents are polymers with molecular weights sufficient to produce composition wstimation of at least 40 centipoise, when added to alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions at recommended dosages.

All of the samples were coded and graded blind to eliminate operator bias. Presentation Description No description available. These shortcomings are overcome by the instantly claimed method and compositions.

Year of fee payment: Standardize them by calculating its specific gravity and noting the percentage from the table given in B. Chromatographic condition Carrier gas Helium or nitrogen Column packing Silica particles coated with polyethylene glycol Detector Flame Ionization Detector Column temperature Temperature of the column is maintained at o C Injection port temperature Temperature of the injection port o C Standard solutions: For example, there may be mentioned Klucel HF and Klucel EF, which are hydroxypropyl cellulose ethers having molecular weights of about 1, and 60, respectively.

An inert gas such as gallium is used alconol carrier at a flow rate of about 60ml per minute. This method is suitable for examining most fluid extracts and tinctures, provided the capacity of distillation flask is sufficient commonly times the volume of the liquid to be distilled and the rate of distillation is such that clear distillates are produced.

During all procedure minimize the loss of alcohol estimatio evaporation. The instant disinfectant compositions comprise: As examples of preferred compositions, the following may be listed.

Most preferred as viscosifying agents are hydroxypropyl cellulose polymers. Bring the temperature at which the procedure was started Add sufficient amount of distilled water to make the volume 50ml.