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Alard Stradivarius is a sobriquet used for two violins fabricated by Antonio Stradivari: Alard-Baron Knoop Stradivarius of ; Artot-Alard Stradivarius of 24 Etudes-Caprices, Op (Alard, Jean Delphin) Genre Categories, Studies; Caprices; For violin; [2 more ]Scores featuring the violin; For 1 player. École du violon (Alard, Jean Delphin) Alternative. Title, Violin Method. Composer, Alard, Jean Delphin Piece Style, Romantic. Instrumentation, Violin .

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The Strad Shop Address: The Baron Knoop It’s estimated that Antonio Stradivari made around 1, violins in his lifetime, now affectionately known as ‘Strads’.

Stradivarius guitar Only two examples of Stradivarius guitars exist, this one, known as the ‘Hill’ fromand the ‘Rawlins’, created in It takes its name from a remark made by violinist Jean-Delphin Alard, discussing the merits of the unknown instrument with his father-in-law: Perhaps it had something to do with Stradivari’s incredible carving skill, demonstrated here on the edges of the Cipriani Potter violin.

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Jean-Delphin Alard – Wikipedia

It was made during Stradivari’s golden period and is regarded as the “finest of the fine,” and nec plus ultra by the W.

It’s not just Antonio Stradivari who’s responsible for creating the best violins in the world. Stradivari quickly made a name for himself as one of the most dextrous biolin in the world, thanks to the tiny ornate details on his instruments – notice how even the pegs holding the strings on this Viotti violin are beautifully carved. This article akard largely or entirely on a single source.


We examine a Guadagnini violin that has survived in almost pristine condition, and talk to string players who have. The Alard Stradivarius Antonio Stradivari is one of the most famous makers of stringed instruments otherwise known as luthiers of all time.

More instruments See more More instruments. The Habeneck It’s not just Antonio Stradivari who’s responsible for creating the best violins in the world. This led to his so-called ‘Golden Period’, which lasted from – The Archinto viola Paganini is just one of the famous figures who’s giolin a Stradivarius: This is one of the violins made by him in They’re regarded as some of the finest stringed instruments ever created, apparently possessing a sweet tone and superior sound quality.

What makes Stradivarius violins so special? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Violin makers are still stumped as to why the Stradivarius instruments are so difficult to replicate – both in terms of their sound, and design.

The Fountaine Stradivari developed his style alarrd over time, with his earlier violins being slightly smaller than his later models. Upon the publication of the Hill brothers’ work on Stradivari inThe Alard was in the possession of Baron Knoop This cello, nicknamed Cristiani, was made around and currently resides at the Museo Stradivariano in the City of Cremona. Cellist Sol Gabetta talks about instruments, technique and finding her own voice, and we examine a rare Stradivari cello. Measuring mm from top to bottom, it’s around mm shorter than a full sized instrument.

Duos brillants, Op.27 (Alard, Jean Delphin)

It’s one of only two Stradivarius mandolins in the world, and resides in the Charles Beare collection. Boissier-Sarasate In the early s, Stradivari tweaked his violin-making style once more, making the instruments slightly longer, and switched to using a darker, richer varnish, like the varnish used here on this Boissier-Sarasate violin. No one’s entirely sure why Stradivarius instruments sound the way they do, but it could be to do with viopin type of wood used.


Nowadays, violkn are on loan to a number of famous violinists including Nicola Benedetti, David Garrett and Janine Jansen.

It’s estimated that Antonio Stradivari made around 1, violins in his lifetime, now affectionately known as ‘Strads’. This page was last edited on 26 Augustat Despite this, blind listening tests have never demonstrated Stradivarius instruments are any better than other high-quality instruments, so their legendary status still remains a bit a mystery – it’s no wonder the instruments are still fascinating for music-lovers throughout the world.

The Amati Alard

For the Stradivari violin ofsee Artot-Alard Stradivarius. The Batta-Piatigorsky In aroundStradivari reverted to his original ideas, and started creating slightly shorter instruments once again. The vioiln of the workmanship, tonal properties and rich decoration of this royal instrument has seldom if ever been matched.

Alaard bears a label datedand. Named after its owner, this violin is one of two Stradivarius instruments which previously belonged to Spanish musician Pablo de Sarasate. The Strad Shop Vendor: As well as being smaller in size, his earlier models are often not as highly regarded as his later instruments.

Made by Antonio Stradivari and his family, these akard are among the most valuable violins in the world, highly regarded by performers and audiences. You must be logged in to post a review.