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Listen to the best Cararea pierduta shows. pierduta shows. Popular. Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta () · #teatru radiofonic. Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta () · #teatru radiofonic · Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta (). Recomandare lectura: “Cararea pierduta” de Alain-Fournier. April 10, Admin 1. Ultima carte primita din colaborarea cu Libris pe care mi-am dorit sa o.

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Cararea pierduta

In a boring afternoon of one of these days of June, I chose Le Grand Meaulnes immediately in the local library right after the librarian’s alarm that they were closing. Until then, long live the Lost Domain!

A great many writers have citied this book as a favourite, notably John Fowles, in the preface to the revised reissue of his novel The Maguswho claimed that he sought, in this justly celebrated novel about the mysterious goings-on on a Greek island, to create the same effect of enchantment achieved by Alain-Fournier.

A unique and dream-like book about youthful ardour and longing. The point is to simply surrender to this delightful and atmospheric book and re discover your inner adolescent. When he returns, Meaulnes seems dazed and forlorn. It’s to me Schrodinger’s Cat or some other weird, quantum paradox. However, to give the impression that Le Grand Meaulnes is nothing more than a kind of teenage fantasy or fairy-tale, or even a pacey mystery, is to undersell it. View all 6 comments.

Alain-Fournier returned to Paris in and became a literary critic, writing for the Paris-Journal. A few moments later a strange equipage drew up in front of the glass doors: Alain-Fournier’s one and only novel due to his tragic death during the first world war evokes dreamlike memories of a bygone era, with an evocative and moving friendship all surrounding a long lost love. Fantasy butts heads with life.


The party had a dreamy, surrealistic feel to it until Meaulnes heard from the sad, young groom that the wedding was off because the fiancee fled. InAlain-Fournier started cararez on a second novel, ‘Colombe Blanchet’, but this remained unfinished when he joined the army as a Lieutenant in August.

This is not the Internet and its virtual meetings will still remove us this thirst for the absolute, the Love with a capital A, which is the purpose of this wonderful novel and its author Alain-Fournier. Paperbackpages. The result was a haunting ability to remain in my memory with a sort of nostalgia for the reading that I have rarely experienced.

The narrator of this, his only novel, is a young boy, the son of a schoolmaster in provincial France in the late nineteenth century. I also ought to mention that the plot is often derided as unbelievable and silly and too reliant upon coincidences, particularly in the second half.

I remembered it again after coming back home from a boarding school in Duino two years later, and wanted to get it, to go back, to decipher it better, but nobody I asked knew it. Mysterious abandoned house in the middle of a jungle… kids…girls dancing When I was about 10 I spent what felt like an entire fourmier playing in a marsh with a friend.

Jul 16, K.

Cararea pierduta Archives – City femme

View all 4 comments. I read Le grand Meaulnes in French, of course. It’s going to have the opportunity, because I’m donating it to my library. In terms of coincidences, yes, there are some, but I have never understood why this bothers readers as much as does. At the chateau Meaulnes falls in love with Yvonne. Read the Introduction after the book because it gives away much of the plot.


Buzila Livia

Apr 26, Ben Winch rated it really liked it Shelves: But what is it about this book that is so affecting, so haunting and magical? Most of this book is pierxuta beautiful bittersweet dream. The story begins when a new pupil comes to the school, the extraordinary Augustin Meaulnes. At 19 on seeing a beautiful stranger on Parisian sidewalks Fournire will suffer all his life he had not been able to decide to live with him.

Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier – Free Ebook

If you can read and truly appreciate any book in the original language, how can you honestly judge the value of a pierduuta He becomes a wanderer. And then, I entered perchance into one of these book-exchange bazaars here in Warsaw a few years ago, and there it was: This passage of his life, mixed with childhood memories in Sologne, will give him the theme of the “great Meaulnes”which he wrote at the age of 27, a year before he died under the German bullets of the Great War.

She spoke my name; I stared back at her blankly. Thus begins one of the great romantic novels of adolescence and a brilliantly magical fable, filled with mystery and longing.

The text now seems slightly dated, with characters who are more ideas than real people, but Gopnik places those ideas within a clear literary, historical, and Freudian context; this edition is almost worth buying for his essay pierduga.