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Listen to the best Cararea pierduta shows. pierduta shows. Popular. Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta () · #teatru radiofonic. Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta () · #teatru radiofonic · Biografii, Memorii: Henry Alain Fournier – Cararea Pierduta (). Recomandare lectura: “Cararea pierduta” de Alain-Fournier. April 10, Admin 1. Ultima carte primita din colaborarea cu Libris pe care mi-am dorit sa o.

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The answer is an emphatic yes. Monsieur Seurel and his pupils seem to spend as much time in the countryside as they do in the classroom, and pierfuta life of that countryside is precisely situated in the Cher region of France, not far from Bourges.

I was about to embarrass myself further, and admit that I still could not place her, when it came to me. Some folks describe it as dream-like. Alain-Fournier who died in the First War after this was published seeks to capture the end of adolescence in a wistful and romantic way, and many passages in this short-chapter novel succeed at creating a dreamy forgotten arcadian paradise that might raise a tear or two, depending how pleasant your past was.

Sappy to the nth degree. No one should read anything in translation if they don’t have to. One day, Meaulnes takes a cart and horse from the school and disappears for three days without explanation. I read this book because it is so famous, and because I was hoping to improve my French.

Of course I doubt this was the case, but that is what I see when I cast back into the past to try and dredge up that night. It was World War I. The soubriquet “grand” that is always associated with him refers perhaps to his size large, tall but also to the power of his dreams grandiose, or even great. Le Grand Meaulnes, the protagonist, is an adventurous, charismatic wanderer who stumbles across a lost chateau where partyg Most French people read this book at school and a recent poll in France made it the sixth best book of the 20th century.

Alain-Fournier started work on a second novel Colombe Blanchet in Narrating in a first person, I thought despite its title there was no trace of Meaulnes himself.

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But why does this book in particular pack such a wallop? Many years later I spoke to this friend, now far along in a life fairly antithetical to my own, and I mentioned the marsh, hoping to recapture some of its magic by tapping into his memories, but he had little or no recollection of the place.


The story of Meaulnes and his search for his lost love is unforgettable. Where has Meaulnes been? Pagine sul tempo interiore e le illusioni. He becomes a wanderer.

Jul 16, John Farebrother rated it it was amazing. I turned around, and there was an attractive blonde girl. The literary world is so much the poorer for his loss as well as for the loss of many more novels he surely would have written.

Alain-Fournier spent much of his foutnier looking for a girl he fell in love with at first sight. The book is full of descriptions like the below — meandering paragraphs that seem to redefine ‘evocative’, filled with ellipses, inviting the reader to marvel and imagine. With the summer heat, its face make-up starts to melt and peel and it scares my kid and me. Life is full of coincidences, so it I not as though we have no experience of them apain.

Most of the writing of Alain-Fournier was published posthumously: Some time after leaving university I was in wlain club; and at one point in the, er, festivities I was tapped on the shoulder. Lists with This Book. There, guests gather for a strange and enchanting party, and Meaulnes meets the beautiful Yvonne de Galais, foutnier is to beguile him for the rest of the book.

Throughout the book both the older Francois and the young Meaulnes are trying to recapture something ephemeral, something that therefore cannot be recaptured.

Inhe quit his job to become the personal assistant of the politician Casimir Perrier. I guess in a way translated works of fiction are like that, lacking an ingredient. View all 4 comments. I started reading it again in a sunny May garden surrounded by birdsong – the fir Never have I found it more difficult to finish a lovelier book. It took me some time to get comfortable with Le Grand Meaulnes; a lack of meaningful dialogue between Meaulnes and the narrator initially prevented me from feeling the depth of their bond.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Myself, I’d very much like to read an awful lot more about the very idea of translation, of the concept of translation.

Many more would claim I don’t.


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piwrduta Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. I kept looking in libraries and book-shops, in vain, not even on the internet for a long d I read “Le Grand Meaulnes” at school when I was ca 16, the book stood in its own category, the impression it left hard to describe.

Before his search comes to an end, a bungled suicide will leave one character disfigured; a brief affair in Paris will lead a young woman to the streets…. To ask other readers questions about Le Grand Meaulnesplease sign up. And I wasn’t entirely convinced of Meaulnes’ status among the boys, or that Carrarea agree with the blurb’s assertion that he as a character is ‘unforgettable’.

And you must understand: I thought “No, I don’t feel like reading this”, I even wanted to interrupt. The comparison with The Great Gatsby is only one of many brilliant insights by Adam Gopnik, who wrote the introduction to this excellent Penguin Classics translation by Robin Buss I have been checking the book in the original also. Il y en a d’autre pour qui demain pointera comme un remords.

As it is, it would have been appreciated as a book in its own right, capturing as it does the idyll of quiet country life, before the advent of motor vehicles.

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There’s no one who both knows French or any language very well indeed who at the same time can appreciate what does and doesn’t come through in a translation. Published July 1st by Penguin Classics first published Taller than the other boys, stronger, more daring, Meaulnes seems destined for adventure, and adventure soon comes when he absconds from sc Alain-Fournier was the pseudonym of a French writer, real name Henri Alban, who died in the First World War at the age of twenty-seven.

The End of Childhood Augustin Meaulnes, the larger-than-life hero of Alain-Fournier’s charming French classic ofis a curious mixture of tormented adolescent and knight errant. But the title character’s adventure in the ‘lost domain’ is the point at which the story is transformed from everyday to magical, and the momentum created by that lingering stardust is delicately maintained from then on. Critics compare this to F.