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Alagh committee report: Recommended remedial measure for the recruitment & induction ajaysinghniranjan New: UPSC: IAS DIST. March, ·. Report of the High Powered Committee for Formation and Conversion of. Cooperative Business, into Companies. ‘- {};: Government of India . Recommendations of Y K Alagh Committee: 1. The report deal with eligibility parameters, the desired Characteristics of candidate in terms of knowledge, skill .

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Poverty Line in India – General Knowledge Today

Skip to main content. Displaying 1 – of What’s happened so far. Prachee Mishra and Roshni Sinha – December 26, So far, both Houses of Parliament have been witnessing disruptions.

At the beginning of the session, 23 Bills were listed for passage, and 20 were listed for introduction. Two weeks in, one Bill has been passed by both Houses, and three Indian Railways rationalises freight fares. Prachee Mishra – November 14, Recently, the Indian Railways announced rationalisation of freight fares.

This rationalisation will result in an 8. Vinayak Krishnan – November 2, In this context, we examine The recent rise in petroleum prices. Suyash Tiwari – September 27, In the past few months, retail prices of petrol and diesel have consistently increased and have reached all-time high levels.

Examining the rise of Non-Performing Assets in India. Ahita Paul – September 13, Examining the Consumer Protection Bill, Roopal Suhag – August 10, The Bill replaces the Consumer Protection Act, Previously ina Bill had been introduced to replace the Act.

The Bill acknowledged that the rapid Amendments to the IBC: Implications for real estate allottees. Prachee Mishra – July 26, The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, was enacted to provide a time-bound process to resolve insolvency among companies and individuals. Insolvency is a situation where an individual or company is unable to repay their outstanding debt Sanat Kanwar – July 17, The Monsoon Session of Parliament begins tomorrow and will continue till August 10, It is scheduled to have 18 sittings during this period.


This post outlines what is in store in the upcoming session.

The session has a packed Recent changes in MSPs. Suyash Tiwari – July 16, Food Processing Infrastructure in India. Sai Priya Kodidala – May 16, In some cases, farmers have dumped their xommittee on roads.

Mending The Frame

Examining the National Medical Commission Bill, Nivedita Rao – May 3, What impacts petroleum prices? Vatsal Khullar – April 25, rwport Over the last few days, the retail prices of petrol and diesel have touched an all-time high. Petroleum products are used as raw Removal of Judges from Office.

Roshni Sinha – April 20, Today, some Members of Parliament initiated proceedings for the removal of the current Chief Justice of India by submitting a notice to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha. A judge may be removed from office through ccommittee motion adopted by Parliament on Central Transfers to States: Role of the Finance Commission. Gayatri Mann – April 11, Nivedita Rao – April 6, The Mission aims to provide a cover of five lakh rupees per family per year to about Status of Drinking Water and Sanitation in rural India.

Roopal Suhag – April 2, In Budget SessionRajya Sabha has planned to examine the working of four ministries. The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation is one of the ministries listed for discussion. In this post, we look at the key schemes being Examining the Working of the Home Ministry.

Vinayak Krishnan – March 20, Each year during the Budget Session, Rajya Sabha examines the working of certain ministries. This year it has identified four ministries for discussion, which includes the Ministry of Home Affairs. In light of this, we analyse some key Prachee Mishra – March 12, Finances of the Railways were presented along with the Union Budget on February 1, the Railways Budget was merged with the Union Budget last year.

In the current Budget Session, Lok Sabha is scheduled to discuss the allocation to the Vibhor Relhan – February 22, The legislators in question were appointed as parliamentary secretaries Prachee Mishra – January 23, In the last decade, the government has implemented several schemes to address issues related to urbanisation and aid the process of urban development. One of the schemes is the Smart Cities Mission, which intends to take advantage of the The draft Model Contract Farming Act, Sai Priya Kodidala – January 8, The draft Model Act seeks to create a regulatory and policy framework for contract farming.


Based on this draft Model Act, legislatures of The National Medical Commission Bill, Nivedita Rao – January 2, Nivedita Rao – December 15, Gayatri Mann and Vatsal Khullar – December 7, It seeks to establish The Anti-Defection Law Explained. Vibhor Relhan – December 6, Decoding the Code on Wages.

Vinayak Krishnan – November 27, Presently, there are around 40 state and central laws regulating different aspects of labour, such as resolution of industrial disputes, working conditions in factories, and wage and bonus payments. Over the years, some experts have Role of Parliament in holding the government accountable.

Vatsal Khullar – November 22, Parliament sessions are usually held thrice a year: This year, the government is yet to announce the Doing Business in India.

Vatsal Khullar – November 1, Committees reeport state legislatures. Abhijit Banare – October 31, The Ordinances restrain any investigation to be conducted against a judge, Food Security in India. Vatsal Khullar – October 16, The United Nations celebrates October 16 as the World Food Day every year, with an aim to spread awareness about eradicating hunger and ensuring food security for all.

Resolving failure of financial firms: