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# – 06/20/08 AM Al DiMeola transcription. johann Offline Member Registered: 06/16/ Posts: 5. Loc: mexico, NL. Can’t find the rest of the. As recorded by Al Di Meola (w/Paco de LucĂ­a). (From the Album ELEGANT GYPSY). Transcribed by Patricio Espigares. Music by Al Di Meola. A Intro. Transcript of an Interview from Jackie’s Groove. Interviewer: Jackie Bertone. Interviewee: Al Di meola. Al-Di-Meola. Note: {I.A} means In Audible / Hard to.

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What did you get off most on on stage? Friday Night In San Francisco. Not so sure if he got it, who I was, or if he do knows. But John and Paco, that was, you were thrown into the arena of giants in a sense and you had to immediately rise to the occasion, in fact you had to kick some ass sometimes too, because it was really like, ah man, it was hard, it was just plain hard, you know, you had to be totally on your meolq.

Well it pushes you to greater heights, no doubt about it. Electric guitar Composed by Jonas Hornqvist.

Al Di Meola -Elegant Gypsy (Album Transcription Book)

I saw it and I said, this is what I want to do. I was just wondering how it makes you feel to have influenced all these heavy metal guys? When I met him and his band they were very much knowledgeable about what I was doing and they were all kind of fans of my stuff.

Learn To Play and Note Reading. Yeah, it was a solid body like a, the closest it would look like is more a Strat like than Les Paul like. Nobody will, nobody will. Well, yeah, it would be great to do something with Paul, I did something with Stevie Winwood that was really nice, that I remember as a great project. Well you know what? My list goes on.


Some of the Beatles music was far more simpler than Piazzolla or my music. Libertango for Guitar solo. We were trying to impress one another and I think through that the audience was really getting off on it.

I recall that you used the SynthAxe at one point, I remember you using one in albums. Why was it big, that was partly due to the fact that they were recording a very small amount of tracks of analogue which completely blow away anything modern in the digital world, even to this day.

And I have an RMC pick-up on it which activates through a foot pedal a few different sounds that I favour, one being an electric guitar sound, one being like a base sound and ones like a 12 string sound and I always combine them at certain points within the composition with the actual nylon sound. Do you think that also has affected it? Outside music, not much, not much. Published by 21st Century Publications HL. This site uses cookies to analyze your use of our products, to assist with promotional and marketing efforts, to analyze our traffic and to provide content from third parties.

Published by Kogan Ilya S0. I know exactly what you mean about the foot as well, about the time. Well the first time I picked one up which was when I was probably like eight years old, seven or eight. Well maybe not now, no. Magazines, I check them all out.

Published by PianoSheetNow H0. Sheet Music Single, Tablature. I am a music teacher.

Published by Hal Leonard BT. What are the three things that people miss?

Al di Meola full transcript | pete langman

It was far bigger and better than they thought and that, getting back to Germany, transcrriptions what really catapulted because what that did was it opened up this giant door for me to do whatever I wanted transriptions do, especially acoustically, because that, even in my early 20s, which was when that happened, I saw the future. Published by Backbeat Books HL.


I was really into the production and that came from listening to the Beatles. Number three, get a good teacher. I was also thinking that you use, do you use any other kind of guitar types? Is it the real drummer or is it the SAP? Most of them have great time.

Yeah I recall hearing that absolutely. There are a lot of older recordings you listen to and you go man! Hal Leonard Artist Transcriptions. Transcrkptions and Online Audio.

No, I really felt like I was thrown into, you know, an arena of giants and you had to fight, you had to fight, it was either sink or swim as well, you know? So I booked Studio 3 and that began the recording process that eventually wound up becoming a trancsriptions. I mean I enjoy just going to a restaurant and things of that nature, you know.

Al di Meola full transcript

Published by Alfred Music AP. No, it was a dream come true to meet him, it was like my bucket list, top of the bucket list would be to meet Paul McCartney, and I got to meet him.

What do you do when you pick up the guitar? So for me, it just kind of inspired me tremendously to move, or try to move, in a direction that had elements of both, where the melodies kind of, you know, move you to that level of sentimentality, you know.