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Mir-at ul-Israr – Urdu translation. Uploaded by. Talib Ghaffari. Anwar Qutb e Madina by Khalil Ahmad Rana. Uploaded by. Tariq Mehmood Tariq. Akhbar Ul. Name: Akhbar ul Akhyar. Name: اخبار الاخیار. Author: Hazrat Alama Shaikh Language: Urdu. Publisher: Akbar book saler. Publish Date: Aug Urdu translation of Akhbar ul-Akhyar by Shaykh Abdul-Haqq Muhaddith Dahlawi.

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Originally written in Urdu by Maulana Faiz Ahmed, pages. The book contains biographical accounts of about 40 saints of the Subcontinent area.

Akhbar Ul Akhyar Urdu Complete Pdf Download

Khan Sahib Salim Ul Haq eldest son d. Lives Biographies of Muslim Saints awliya? Archived from the original on To this point, it is proved that the narration of the Malfuz of Shaikh Usman which was inquired from Khwaja Naseeruddin was a false statement, i.

He would make circumambulation and would offer Namaz in consonance with its position and then they hrdu to take away the Khana e Kabah. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In AH, CE, he made the pilgrimage to Meccawhere he stayed remained for the next two years studying the Prophetic traditions Hadith and Qkhbar under various noted scholars. Skip to main content. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. I have biographies urdk the following awliya: Also can people please list names of awliya who have had biographies written about them in English, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic: This quote conveys that Sufi Hamiduddin Nagori wrote books.


Originally written in Arabic the book gives a urduu, in-depth analysis of the 4 Sunni madhabs and their founders, giving details of their biography and the methods they used in reaching their legal conclusions.

Your name or email address: Nizami observes that uk Malfuz writing is one of the greatest literary achievement of medieval Hind-o-Pak. Ser ul Auliya Urdu Ed. At the minimum, he shall receive the honour to resemble them.

This article has an unclear citation style.

I passed through the town of Bundi; it emerged in my heart that there was a mendicant here who is called Shaykh Mohan; why should Jl not meet him. Mashariq ul Anwar Urdu Ed.

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Other such books would be appreciated. Qasas ul Aulia by Mohammad Ashraf Naqshbandi. Pir Syed Mehr Ali Shah. It is akhya narration of his household that whenever Khwaja Mawdud Chishti had an overpowering fondness of viewing Khana e Kabah, the angels were ordered to bring the Khana e Kabah before him.

When I reached to the abode of Sultan- ul- Mashaikh. The book is in Urdu, pages.

Akhbar ul Akhyar Complete Book in Pdf Free Download

Zahoor ul Hassan Sharib. In fact, we can say that Amir Hasan ala Sijzi who gave the new literary style of Malfuzat writing, but this is not the qkhbar pattern of Malfuzat writing. It also throws light on the criticism of Anees ul Arwah by Late Prof. On Sources And Source Material. This simply determined that Prof.


You must log in or sign up to reply here. Through these records of conversations we get a glimpse of the medieval society in all its fullness; if not, in all of its perfection- the moods and tension of the uedu men, the inner 1 Aina e Malfuzat pg.

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Regarding the authenticity of Malfuzat, it is not necessary to mention dates or arrange them chronologically. Retrieved 28 July akyyar In his article, he categorised the text of the Sufi literature into two categories, the one as genuine text and the other as a fabricated one.

The book contains biographical accounts of about saints of the Subcontinent area. Also refer Iqtibas ul Anwar pg.