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nne number of solutions of the equation 3p + 4q = 70, where p and qare positive integers and p > q, is. (A) 4. (C) 3 AIMCAT Question. Uploaded by. Hi, Slot booking for AIMCAT has will be conducted anyone has solution of aimcat do respond will provide email if u have. THANKS. estallar When will the results be out for AIMCAT ?? asim: they will be deepak: Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult mould.

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We can then attempt to give you a proper resolution for your issue. How to stay away from the internet and concentrate on studies? What are the best mock tests for CAT?

Chat Transcript

Please do not be impatient, work hard there are still around days left, if you work smartly you can easily cross the 95 percentile barrier. Sectional test of TIME test series are aimcwt into the three level. For preparation on General Awareness, in addition to reading newspapers regularly, it would be advisable for a student to prepare from the following sources: Sir would you suggest quant from arun sharma or just the aimcah material is sufficient similarly suggest for other subjects also i have just started my prep completed my eng and have whole time at my disposal thomas: Is the study materials provided from T.


Make a weekly time table, ensure you make a realistically achievable one, you solutikns make sure that all the areas of CAT syllabus are duly covered. By lookin at my horrible scores i am losing my morale.

In that case, you cannot afford to leave out any chapter assuming that it is not important as there could be questions from those chapters looking at you to be solved and you will be helplessly looking back at them as you left those chapters out. Yes, i could suggest you to try and be a bit more attentive and avoid silly mistakes, but nothing very significant is there other than practice!

I am practicing daily. But am unable to reach my expected goal due to lack of methodology in my prep.

Try to write and speak as correctly as possible. I’m unable to judge myself. Sir aimcxt 72 in X 76 in XII My performance is going below my expectations.

You must have good CAT score. Is it 3 times or not? Saikumar Sir, firstly I apologize for going offtopic here, but I would appreciate some help here. Which is the best Test series available for XAT? When is the next CMAT exam? But rather than worrying about percentiles now, the focus should be on understanding the basics and aaimcat well in the AIMCATs. What is solutione T. You may read other newspapers as well. Then reassemble the sentence and check it against the choices that you have.


I will take some time to get good score. I have just begun my classes in T. I have a decent grip on basics.

So how should i restart my prep this yr? Sir, How do you propose we choose the best questions to answer in cat in the short time limit? Take AIMCATs seriously, afterwards carry out detailed analysis of your performance, identify the gaps in your preparation and try to work on them before taking the next one. Helps understand the pattern of the exam, the variety of questions, time management etc and makes you familiar with CAT.

Improvement in DI comes only from practice: Still have a question? I am not a time student.

AIMCAT 1317:Discussion Thread

For these we can have a separate chat! What should i do now?? You dismissed this ad. Please help me chalk out a good study plan for the coming months for QA specifically!

Is the TIME AIMCAT test series sufficient for CAT preparation? – Quora

Which newspaper to read daily? Learn More at wikibuy. That will help keeping the concepts fresh in your mind. Rather than trying to eliminate options, you should first focus on understanding the basics so that you can solve the question directly.