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mjk: one thing always goes wrong with me in the aimcat cat i m able to solve . -missed it AIMCAT Total Students S1-Cutoff S2-Cutoff 1IIM-Cutoff IIM-Cutoff S1-Score 1 78 32 13 76 49 are the Waitlisted candidates for admission to PGPM/PGP-IM/PGP-HR ( 13) p First Waitlist AIMCAT Questions and Solutions.

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Be on the lookout for such questions and do not ignore them no face value. Sir,how to make selection of question in QADI? I am a working professional and can spend arnd hrs only a day for CAT preparation.

No, if your basics are not very strong. Can you please suggest me how to score good in online format.

Absolute focus is a must when you attempt the mocks.

All-India Free Mock CAT

Hi Deepak, what have your percentiles been in the past CATs. What ai,cat I do to improve in the 2 months left. Its not difficult, though it is not possible to explain though this medium, i would recommend you discuss this with a faculty member in case you are unable to understand after going through the solutions.

Why dont you look at the optimistic side of it If needed discuss your doubts with a faculty member. I am practicing those chapters but never get confidence while solving those questions in exam IF u r not a time student try to get that from your friends.


I will send the mail. Any suggestions to improve the number of attempts. Syllabus will get over by august end. Does work experience of months have no value as far as marks allocated to work ex are concerned???

You should be able to understand the meanings of words from the context. I m able to solve the time material to an extent but not aimcats. Do not treat it like a do or die situation.

Result will be uploaded by fri. Try to be proactive and solve as many chapters as possible on your own so that you can attempt the aimcats. Make sure you thoroughly understand the concept behind a question before you move on to the next. For english, first observe the different areas in which you are tested, such as RCs, parajumbles, para completion, fill in the blanks, etc.

The questions in were very difficult. For summary, the option needs to be less wordy, have all the important ideas not necessary the same words in the question. But if you missed out on the other two types of questions, then you should immediately introspect as to why you could not attempt them or got them wrong. All teachers- Sir i m trying for CAT for 3 years nowworking continously but not able to score wellreally i need sum help, not able to score in MOCKS also srinivas: Do not get demotivated.


And it has the added advantage of being in the business hub – Mumbai. I am not able to find it anywhere in BSM.

One may think 10 and get 8 and another may think 8 and get 10, you see. Pls complete all T. But as you pointed out, it is related to speed because your haste may be driving you to make these silly mistakes.

AIMCAT 1313 – Information, Scores, Discussions

Are you working on speed maths? Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. From now its all about fine tuning your performance, try to analyze your AIMCAT performances till now and try to figure out the kind of questions which you have not been able to solve properly, once you identify those, you need to work with similar questions from our material.