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The Remarkable Account of Ibn Fadlan . But the most important eyewitness account of the Rus is of Ahmed ibn Fadlan, a writer about whom little is known, but. Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of RussiaOverviewIn , the Arab traveler Ahmad ibn Fadlan (fl. s) went on a diplomatic mission to what is now . Ahmad Ibn-Fadlan says: When а letter of al-Hasan son of Baltavar, the malik of Kipchaks, arrived to the ruler of the righteous al-Muktadir, in which he asked him .

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He has a vicegerent who leads the army, attacks the enemy and stands in for him among his subjects. This was not among them.

Ibn Fadlan: An Arab Among the Vikings of Russia |

Per Yakut Takin had told me that in the country of the malik there is a man of extremely huge built. And if a person who has she-slaves and slaves falls ill, they serve him, and nobody of his members of household would come nearer to him.

He did it and paid to the Turk with sheep for what he did with his son, and paid Kudarkin four hundred rams that he has removed from him the punishmentand left from the country of the Turks. It was a gift.

These were the Varangians, who he described thus: Political problems hampered Western archaeologists for decades. Annoyed at not receiving the promised sum, the king refused to switch from the Maliki rite to the Hanafi rite of Baghdad. Page of the manuscript of Ibn Fadhlan’s travel account.

And this is because they get angry and say: And the man who did all this would say, “My Lord was pleased with me and ate my afdlan. I asked him what he said, and he replied, “He said, ‘You Arabs are a foolish lot!


An Arab Among the Vikings of Russia. Shprenger stayed in the East for 13 years, first in India, and then in Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Iraq and many other countries. On the Ural River at the northern tip of the Caspian today the Ural and the mountains of the same name are recognized as the boundary between Europe and Asiathe Arabs met the Pechenegs, another Turkish tribe.

The journey and the description of the various tribes encountered by the embassy are vividly described by Ibn Fadlan.


They do not come near him or speak to him, indeed they have no contact with him for the duration of his illness, especially if he is socially inferior or is a slave. Sometimes, if he would mercy them he would make them his grooms. It is considered, as well as the Parisian, one of the best in Europe. And behind us fell the fakih and mu’allim and the youths who left with us from the City of the world Bagdadbeing afraid to enter that country.

We, however, let them burn for an instant, and accordingly he enters paradise at once in that very hour,’ and he burst into immoderate laughter.

And I was selected to read to him malik the letter and convey what was presented to him, and for the supervision of the fakihs and mu’allimams. I saw, as Turks said, that of them he is the most dexterous equestrian. And when arrives a ship from the Khazar land to the Kipchak country, the malik ign out and accounts what is there, and takes from everything a tenth part.

So, we went in it for ten days, and had disasters, difficulties, strong cold and consecutive snowfalls, when the cold of Khoresm felt like summer days. They do not clear of excrements and from urine, and do not wash from the sexual uncleanness and do not do other similar things.


They, and first of all the academician I.

Scandinavia and Ibn Fadlan

Some of them say that he has twelve Gods: The man wears a cloak with which he covers one half of his body, leaving one of his arms uncovered. The relationship between Ahmad ibn Fadlan and Fzdlan the etymology of which may be the Arabic name Buliwyf or its variants [7] is autorised by the fact that Ibn Fadhlan’s account of his North-European travel may have been a source for the old English epic. He describes the tribes he met on his way and gives an account of their customs.

Then that sent to take her by force, though he is Jewish, and she is a Moslem. Most frequently sheep graze in the snow, kicking with hoofs and searching for a dadlan. And he answered and all answered together. Most scholars identify them with the Rus’ or Varangians, which would make Ibn Fadhlan’s account one of the earliest portrayals of Vikings. Though by Ibn Fadlan’s time the influence of the caliphs—imperial leaders who possessed religious as well as political authority—had declined somewhat, the Abbasid dynasty still remained the single most powerful force east of the Byzantine Empire and west of China.

Abdulla is also spelled Gabdulla and ‘Abdulla, reflecting the attention to the details and particulars of different dialects.