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The practical objective of agrosilvopastoral (ASPS) systems, in areas fundamentally devoted to cattle production, is to produce goods, traditionally forestry goods. The Agro-Silvopastoral System (ASPS). terraces. Agroforestry practices in conjunction with pastoral activity have profoundly shaped the present-day landscape. RESEARCH, RE VIEWS, PRACTICES, POLICY AND TECHNOLOGY Agrosilvopastoral Systems: A Practical Approach Toward Sustainable Agriculture Ricardo.

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Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

Please use quotation marks for searching phrases e. Agrosilvopastoral systems are widespread in the Mediterranean but are also found in other areas of the world having similar climatic conditions.

To identify the most relevant practiccs with the idea of extending them to othcr situations where they can be applied; c. Name your project Please enter project name. Show menu Hide menu. The contribution by Papanastasis describes the variety of land uses found in these systems, subject to recent changes and their effect on vegetation degradation.

Continuing to use www. Integrated landscape-scale approaches to the restoration, protection and management of dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems have the greatest chance of success. Where young timber trees are planted in pasture lands, problems oc- cur due to trampling and browsing by grazing animals Heuveldop, Techniques, Methodologies and Equipment see more detailsagroforestry systems agroforestry systems Subject Category: Population, resources, and the ideology of sciencc.

Basic knowledge | SFM Toolbox | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

To permit alleys o f natural regeneration in areas where cattle raising has been discontinued, a s a way to restore deforested areas, and to enrich them with VTT using all available promotional benefits; n. The conditions to further ASPS applications are nearly ideal: They improve the understanding of natural resources problems, the environment, and the production process. El Chasqui Costa Rica 2 1: Essentially, these systems are a model of production and conservation based on silvi- cultural practices complementary to pre-existing agricultural activi- ties.


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Cultural practices, such as mechanized harvest of crops, “henifica- cion,” or “ensilado,” are interfered with by the trees. Actions Tools Choose a colour. Wright-Allen, Cambridge, pp.

Click here to sign up. To capitalize on the valuable experience of existent people through a diagnostic and evaluation process of all those current practices that can be considered successful agroforestry; b.

Simplified Flow Diagram of agrosilvoppastoral Agrosilvopastoral System. To motivate interest and participation of the rural community in or- der to achieve community involvement in conservation; e.

A research component on natural resources with emphasis in forests, soil, and water was added. Dryland forests and agrosilvopastoral systems are important for the very poor, providing a source of food agrisilvopastoral other essential materials in periods of food insecurity, such as during dry seasons or in the wake of natural disasters and war.

This represents a large financial decision. From this point of view, these practices may be applied in a wide range of ecological and productive conditions.

Investigacion en manejo forestal y agroforestal: On the other hand, abandonment of livestock breeding produced vegetation changes, leading to shrub encroachment, and agdosilvopastoral increased risk of wildfires.

An example of the first c a s d e e s in pastures-has been evaluated in the grasslands of the College of Agriculture of the Humid Tropical Region known as EARTH in SpanishSysyems Mercedes de Guacimo, Costa Rica, where 29 different tree species have been identified within an area of approximately hectares Table 1.


Box Miami, FL agrosilvipastoral This site uses cookies. Diversification of production activities within the farm reduces risk of economic disasters. In the particular case of cattle associated with nitrogen-fixing trees, it is logical to assume that these species will contribute to soil fertil- ity, in addition to being a protein supplement when their edible parts are utilized as forage.

These figures do not include non-forest wooded lands and other tree-based systems, even though these play key roles in many dryland systems.

The Agro-Silvopastoral System (ASPS) |

Miscellaneous see more detailsin areas fundamentally devoted to cattle production, is to produce goods – traditionally, forest products forest products Subject Category: El manejo de las selvas por 10s Mayas: They support agrosilvopatsoral outstanding diversity of wildlife, form unique landscapes, are the source of high-quality food derived from animal production, sustain rural population, and constitute an important basis for the growing demand of rural leisure and tourism.

Based on this frame- work, several activities to achieve ASPS are proposed. Please sign in to access your subscribed products. On other hand, the worldwide drastic reduction of forest areas, concur- rent, with the increased demand for forest products, leads to a paradigm: The cattle census of accounted for 2. To establish research networks among higher education institutions and research centers that are agroslivopastoral working with ASPS, to set re- gional and local ASPS data bases; d.

Theory and measurement of unequal exchange; a compari- son between a Marxist approach and an energy theory of value.