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IMPORTANCE OF GESTURES (MUDRA) IN TANTRA · MYSTERY OF TANTRA AND YOGA · FROM MEDICATION TO MEDITATION:YOGA. so the books which i am mentioning below will not teach you real tantra. but they will just act as an introduction to mantra, tantra or aghora. View the profiles of people named Aghora Tantra. Join Facebook to connect with Aghora Tantra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

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I highly recommend the series for anybody interested in ancient Indian spiritual practices. Mar 08, Robert M.

Times Point Know more. You will feel like lost in a different world when you are reading this book. Truly very appreciated, Namaste. Aghora and Tantra – A Simple Method of Making and Preparing a Kavach Once you have progressed through the posts you will be ready to take the next step in preparing for Aghora sadhana, the creation and use of a Tara Kavach.

Aghoga Preview See a Problem? Our recently acquired sense of pluralism might conflict with this sort of dogmatism, but Vimalananda isn’t invested in changing the world, nor lecturing Westerners on how to organize their society. All sects have limitations, and what is really necessary is to cremate all your limitations, to burn down everything that stands in the way of your perception of Reality.


I can still hear Vimalananda, agghora man who became my mentor, underscoring for me ttantra need to be able both to remember and to forget. Spend a little time breathing in this slow controlled manner. In the days when Buddhist Tantrikas still mingled with the mighty Kapalikas in the Shmashana they learned many different techniques and a great deal of knowledge was shared between both traditions.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. While I read it with an open mind, certain things are almost impossible to believe.


Those who are enslaved by their cravings think aghoris mad for displaying such ferocity in their quest for knowing. Jul 14, Umesh Sukhwani rated it it was amazing.

Each text omits an essential step or includes false information and only through a guru can the reality be handed aghira from teacher to disciple over generations, be known. Having created and charged a Kavach is a very important step in your development and you should perform this Hawan three times total to strengthen the charge and effectiveness of the Kavach, to do this, after the initial charging just place the Kavach on the red cloth where the yantra was and treat it exactly as the yantra was treated during the initial Hawan, in other words perform Pran Pratishta on the Kavach etc….

ठघोरी तन्त्र: Aghori Tantra

Saturn Transit Effects on Zodiac Signs. Instead he so successfully promoted his anonymity that many of his oldest compadres never even suspected that he had any interest in spirituality. Have you ever been wondering? But the book can surely open gates to a whole different world of learning. Compelled to pen down my disappointment as I had high expectations from this book.

Divine Fury: Recollections of a Renegade Guru

One cannot act and think to get away with it. When he aghoraa become inspired to elucidate spiritual philosophy or practice he was a marvel of a teacher, his discourses ramifying effortlessly into often unexpected but always engaging insights and affiliations. Certain arguments were compelling. In addition to warding off attacks the protection of a Kavach can be instrumental in attaining success in the pursuit of Moksha as it negates the negative effects of circumstance, conditioning, and karma as well.

He loved people for their future value, for what they had the potential to become, not what they happened to be, and he never confused what they preferred in sadhana with what they required. Know what the August 11 Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on the basis of your Zodiac.


Hinglaj Mata is the Kuladevata patron goddess of the Aghori. Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend. Tantga up the great work guys! The Kavach is prepared by painting the yantra on a piece of birch bark Bhojpatrapran pratishta is performed on the yantra installing the divinity into it and then an appropriate hawan is performed in which wghora appropriate divinity is evoked and the yantra and ingredients charged.

After Pran Pratishta has been performed at the start of Step 6 the mantra “Om Streem Treem Tahrahyay Swahah” should be used for the ghee offerings.

Popularly, Aghoris have been stereotyped as ash-swathed ascetics with long matted hair who walk through life wild-eyed, skulking about in charnel grounds, wrestling with jackals for carcasses. Aghoris become so desperate in their quests that they channel their every thought and feeling into a super-obsession, a single-minded quest to achieve the Beloved.

Hide my email address. If you are even a little ‘witchy’ this book will become your bible. If that’s what it takes to live in this world, then he has the right stuff. Good aghoris take their temples with them as they wander the world, endlessly amazed to witness the aghoora ceaselessly consuming itself in the fires of an ongoing cosmic cremation.

Barely made it through the ridiculous chapter on sex near the end. Most people would think him as insane for trying such a stunt as he thought them insane for obsessing over everything except the One Thing in life that is worth obsessing over.

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