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Aethra, the Aethra logo and Vega X3 are registered trademarks of Aethra SpA in Italy and in other Countries. All other company and product names may be. The information contained in this document is the property of Aethra SpA., it is Vega® X3 is a very high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top. View and Download Aethra Vega X3 use and installation manual online. Aethra Vega X3 Webcams: User Guide. Vega X3 Conference System pdf manual.

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Operation And Use This section of the manual explains the basic functionality of the System. ALGs are software packages specifically designed for firewalls from various producers that examine every packet attempting to pass through the firewall in order to determine whether it concerns aetyra known protocol like H.

Dual Video transmissions can be initiated by either the Audio-Video calling or called terminal.

General Settings Video and audio quality Network settings Presentation Audio Video Diagnostics How to carry out a conference General After the first start of the conference system, the following picture is displayed: Page 51 Automatic MultiScreen.

The following settings can be configured for each interface respectively:: Multiconference Setup Before aethda a multiconference session, configuration is required. The following illustration shows this part of the menu.

The complete network aethrq connecting two IP terminals must have a constant available bandwidth for the whole duration of the connection. How To Make A Call From Phonebook How to make a call from Phonebook To enable the quick selection of a number to call, a phonebook is available to store data about terminals that are frequently called.

To call one of these numbers, users need only select the entry in a list. Remote Management Start a web browser on your PC. This feature allows you to aehtra the conference system carry out the operation automatically.


Picture In Picture Allows to see two overlapped images in one monitor, that is remote image in full-screen format, an local image in a smaller overlapped window. Aethrx pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Check that the System is switched on. The surface of the device is very colourful and appears to be a little unstructured. This makes a simultaneous running of several devices in one room possible, without the remote controls disturbing each other.

Aaethra and Time, selected camera, channel status, charges, and data channel. If the chosen bandwidth is too high, the dial-in does not work. To balance between sharpness and dynamic nature of video images.

Aethra Vega X3 Video Conferencing Camera Unit | eBay

Connecting A Personal Computer Connecting a personal computer The System can be connected to a personal computer either directly or via a network LAN in order to update software, change remote settings or perform diagnostic tests. Active icons to place a call. For each interface it is possible to set, if present: Then it does not matter, which bandwidth is chosen, only the maximum is used. Enter a name for the terminal Country Name: System Positioning And Installation Connection to main power supply should only be performed after complete parts assembly.

Aethra Vega X3 Use And Installation Manual

Qethra In this page is possible to configure system video outputs. Do Not Disturb selected, at the start-up and after each disconnection system will not accept incoming calls, an icon will be displayed in the local terminal. Aethra xtreme hd videoconferencing systems user manual 48 pages. Aethra vega X3 Technical Specifications 2 pages. With HD H. Menu Structure Menu structure Slides storage During a call, the system automatically stores slides or Jpeg images received from the remote system.

Aethra Vega X3 Video Conferencing Camera Unit

Videoconference Tips Videoconference tips Tips to improve a virtual meeting, to optimize audio-video transmission and reception, and to fully enjoy all videoconference benefits.


Video quality here was always good up to very good. Customize Each user interface can be enabled or disabled i. If this checkbox is not selected, the System will request the video number and offer by default the same number as the one used by audio.

This disposition enables Continuous Presence.

Futhermore, it can be set up to a device code. Master or Slave Cascade Role. Enter text from picture: You can select desired phonebook by means of drop-down menu: Video outputs Referring to the selected aethea automatically recognized by the system monitors number, in the lower area of the page the active video outputs are highlighted, aethda you can select: Videoconference tips Tips to improve a virtual meeting, to optimize audio-video transmission and aethrra, and to fully enjoy all videoconference benefits.

From the Home Page select: It is ideal for small or medium group of people in a videoconferencing sessions that require enhanced audio and video quality. So, S-Video has to be used in order to be able to put in the licence number. This can be helpful for inexperienced MCU users.

Go back to previous slide. If the preconditions were met support of H. Remote Control Remote control In order to avoid un-desired controls reaching other systems, user can modify Note transmission power from 2mt to 20mt default by means of a switch in the battery space: You may also synchronize audio and video.

Connection Status This section contains information about call status, including parameters such as incoming and outgoing audio and video bandwidth, incoming and outgoing aethea frame rates, and protocols in use.