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In this answer, purity of ghee is tested by comparing home made ghee with store bought ghee. Store bought ghee is adulterated with three main ingredients. Learn about adulteration of ghee, types of adulterants, detection of adulterants in ghee. Buy unadulterated Pure Desi Ghee at VedicGiftShop. Detection of adulteration of ghee (clarified milk fat) with palm olein and sheep body fat using Reichert-Meissl (RM) value coupled with solvent.

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The normal absorption spectra of ghee and tallow of all the samples were recorded in the range nm using a PerkinElmer UV-visible recording spectrometer Model — Lambda Thus, it is said to promote positivity, growth and expansion of the consciousness and detoxify the body.

In rare cases, ghee may be adulterated with animal fat like tallow. Controller of Publications, Government of India; Take ml of melted ghee in a test tube. To make ghee, the fat or cream from the milk can be skimmed off after the milk is boiled and cooled.

Simple Tests To Check Purity Of Your Ghee At Home

Mix thoroughly and allow to stand for 10 min. Ghee has an abundance of saturated fatty acids which are easy to digest. It contains a good adultteration of beta-carotene and vitamin E which are antioxidants. These samples were used for the study. When it starts releasing a nutty aroma, you know that the ghee is ready.


This test requires chemicals that are not usually found at home. A test tube with a stopper or a small clear bottle with cap preferably sterilisedconcentrated hydrochloric acid, a small quantity of sugar.

Detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee by derivative spectrophotometry

Stopper the test tube and shake to mix all the substances. Finely powdered cane sugar. The problem of detecting adulteration of ghee in India in very complicated and needs serious thoughts over it at all levels. The normal UV spectra of cow ghee and tallow [ Figure 1 ] did not reveal sufficient information that can be useful for detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee. Detection of adulterants and their estimation is a key concern over many years.

Is beef adultertion really hazardous to health? These can be purchased from a shop from where college chemistry supplies are available. Wdulteration values for commonly used parameters to differentiate pure and adulterated ghee materials are many a times overlapping. Ghee is considered a pure food in Ayurveda. Hence, the second order derivative UV spectra of the samples were recorded [ Figure 2 ].

Melt a small quantity of ghee in a vessel. Add 5ml of 0. Add this mixed solution to about 10 ml of melted ghee. Technical Handbook of Oils, Fats and Waxes. Jirankalgikar and Subrata De. Close test tube or bottle and shake to mix. Shake well, allow the mix to stand for 10 min.


Even then, ghee remained adultfration preferred medium for special dishes on special occasions.

Detection of Adulteration in Ghee

The developed derivative spectrophotometric method is a rapid, sensitive, cost-effective method for detection ghde tallow adulteration in cow ghee and has potential as a method for quantitative estimation of tallow in cow ghee. The composition of ghee is Indian J Dairy Sci. Table 1 Details of second order derivative spectra of ghee and tallow samples.

A glass jar which can be stored in the fridge. If the sample is adulterated, the ghee and the coconut oil will solidify in separate layers. Easy way to detect.

Detection of refined animal and vegetable fats in adulteration of pure milkfat. Data was analyzed using data points each for slope calculation through PerkinElmer Data processor and viewer software to gyee second order derivative absorption spectra. Remember, ghee is expensive, especially when compared to vegetable oils and other animal fats.

Footnotes Source of Support: To make ghee at home, we need to get the milk from a reliable source so that the milk itself is not adulterated.