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Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Church’s Missionary Activity (Ad Gentes Divinitus) (December 7, ), in Austin Flannery, ed., Vatican Council II: The. AD GENTES DIVINITUS Decree of the Second Vatican Council on the Church’s missionary activity. The Church’s mission is defined as. Ad Gentes (Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church) is a decree released during the Second Vatican Council that announces the Catholic Church’s.

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This cooperation should be undertaken not only among private persons, but also, subject to approval by the local Ordinary, among churches or ecclesial communities and their works. For since they are joined to the Church, they are already of the household of Christ, 7 and not gentse they are already leading a life of faith, hope, and charity.

gentds By dlvinitus preaching of the word and by the celebration of the sacraments, the center and summit of which is the most holy Eucharist, He brings about the presence of Christ, the author of salvation. Hermenutic of rupture Bologna vs. For through them, far – away peoples are sometimes made near; and an excellent opportunity is offered to communities which have long been Christian to converse with nations which have not yet heard the Gospel, and to show them in their own dutiful love and aid, the genuine face of Christ.

Let it take care of stimulating and coordinating an effective collection of funds, which are to be distributed according to reasons of necessity and usefulness, the extent of the territory in question, the number of believers and non – believers, of undertakings and institutes, of ministers and missionaries.

In this way, the Christian community will be a sign of God’s presence in the world: Such relationships do much to form Catholics in the missionary spirit through direct and personal contact, helping to ensure that the universal needs and call to mission are never forgotten.

Ambrose Letter 48, 5 PL 16, ; St. Let him have an ardent spirit of power and of love and of prudence cf.

By the same token, she also strongly insists on this right, that no one be frightened away from the Faith by unjust vexations on the part of others. Gregory of Nyssa, “Antirrheticus, Against Apollin.

Thus it will be more clearly seen in what ways faith may seek for understanding, with due regard for the philosophy and wisdom of these peoples; it will be seen in what ways their customs, views on life, and social order, can be reconciled with the manner of living taught by divine revelation.

Decree, ” Pastoral Duties of Bishops in the Church diviniths 35, 4. This office should have available a permanent group of expert consultors, of proven knowledge and experience, whose duty it will be, among other things to gather pertinent information about local conditions in various regions, and about the thinking of various groups of men as well as about the means of evangelization to be used.

Christian charity ventes extends to all, without distinction of race, creed, or social condition: In fact, these institutes are asked to found houses in mission areas, as not a few of them have already done, so that there, living out their lives in a way accommodated to the truly religious traditions of the people, they can bear excellent witness among non – Christians to the majesty and love of God, as well as to our union in Christ.


Since the Lord he believes in is a sign of contradiction cf.

Ad gentes – Wikipedia

Therefore, regarding the connection between the notion of missionary activity and a certain territory, it is wise to say that this activity “in the majority of cases” is exercised in gsntes territories recognized by the Holy See.

Decree, ” On Priestly Ministry and Life ,” 10, where in order to render particular pastoral labors easier for various social groups, provision is made for the establishment of personal prelacies, insofar as needs of the apostolate demand it. Thomas Aquinas, commentary on Matt. Let them reflect attentively on how Christian religious life might be able to assimilate the ascetic and contemplative traditions, whose seeds were sometimes planted by God in ancient cultures already prior to the preaching of the Gospel.

Ad Gentes (Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church)

For the Church drives deeper roots in any given sector of the human family when the various faithful communities all have, from among their members, their own ministers of salvation in the order of bishops, priests, and deacons, serving their own brethren, so that the young churches gradually acquire a diocesan structure with their own clergy.

From all this, they will be well taught to dedicate themselves wholly to the service of the Body of Christ and to the work of the Gospel, to cleave to their own bishop as his faithful co – workers, and to cooperate with their colleagues. Retrieved 18 May Contacts can be made with missionaries for World Mission Sunday.

It also pertains to the episcopal conferences to found and promote works for the brotherly reception and due pastoral care of those who immigrate from mission lands for the sake of studying or finding work.

For often, the blood of Christians was like a seed. Hence all alike, those who sow and those who reap cf. It was approved by the full body of U. In addition, for those who devote themselves entirely to this work, a decent standard of living should be provided, and social security, by paying them a just wage. This holds for all of their studies by which they are prepared for the exercise of the ministry, as also for the other studies which it would be useful for them to learn, that they may have a general knowledge of the peoples, cultures, and religions; not only a knowledge that looks to the past, but one that considers the present time.

To accomplish this, Christ sent from the Father His Holy Spirit, who was to carry on inwardly His saving work and prompt the Church to spread out. Religious men and women likewise, by their prayers and by their active work, play an indispensable role in rooting and strengthening the Kingdom of Christ in souls, and in causing it to be spread.

The Holy Spirit gathers the people of God to be “a chose race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people” 1 Peter 2: How could the Church fulfill her vocation without cultivating a constant relationship with the Eucharist, without nourishing herself with this food which sanctifies, without founding her missionary activity on this indispensable support? The Apostles themselves, on whom the Church was founded, following in the footsteps of Christ, “preached the word of truth and begot churches.

All bishops, as members of the body of bishops succeeding to the College of Apostles, are consecrated not just for some one diocese, but or the salvation of the entire world.


A fund-raising project for world missions and the needs of mission churches can be launched. Dogmatic constitution, ” Lumen Gentium ” Believers share a oneness and a baptismal equality that precedes the distinctions among different roles in the community.

The Fathers of the Church proclaim without hesitation that what has not been taken up by Christ is not made whole. Therefore those men cannot be saved, who though aware that God, through Jesus Christ founded the Church as something necessary, still do not wish to enter into it, or to persevere in it. Whence the duty that lies on the Church of spreading the faith and the salvation of Christ, not only in virtue of the express command which was inherited from the Apostles by the order of bishops, assisted by the priests, together with the successor of Peter and supreme shepherd of the Church, but also in virtue of that life which flows from Christ into His members; “From Him the whole body, being closely joined and knit together through every joint of the system, according to the functioning in due measure of each single part, derives its increase to the building up of itself in love” Eph.

Teaching the Spirit of Mission Ad Gentes: Continuing Pentecost Today

Institutes of the contemplative life, by their prayers, sufferings, and works of penance have a very great importance in the conversion of souls, because it is God who sends workers into His harvest when He is asked to do so cf. Besides, circumstances are sometimes such that, for the time being, there is no possibility of expounding diviniyus Gospel dibinitus and forthwith.

While pastors and laymen, then, retain each their own state of life and their own responsibilities, let the whole young church render one firm and vital witness to Christ, and xivinitus a shining beacon of the salvation which comes to us in Christ. Therefore, they are badly in need of the continued missionary activity of the whole Church to furnish them with those subsidies which serve for the growth of the local Church, and above all for the maturity of Christian life.

Thus the Apostles were the first budding – forth of the New Israel, and at the same time the beginning of the sacred hierarchy. It is af be desired that the liturgy of the Lenten and Paschal seasons should be restored in such a way as to dispose the hearts of the catechumens to celebrate the Easter mystery at whose solemn ceremonies they are reborn to Christ through baptism.

But this Christian initiation in the catechumenate should be taken care of not only by catechists or priests, but by the entire community genges the faithful, so that right from the outset the catechumens may feel that they belong to the people of God.

But at the same time, let them try to furbish these treasures, set them free, and bring them under the dominion of God their Savior. And yet, let everyone know that their first and most important obligation for the spread of the Faith is this: Augustine 7, “City of God,” PL 41,