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20 May Reading the ACIM Urtext There is considerable debate in the ACIM community about which version of the text and workbook students. 13 Jan The Urtext Manuscripts predate all other editions of the . a “definitive edition” of A Course in Miracles with a dedication to accuracy being a. Later in that same year, an even earlier version, called the Urtext, also became available on the Internet. Both versions showed that the Course as we knew it.

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The wording in it makes it easier for him to try to advance his wish to turn A Course in Miracles into a religion, which it is not. Yet, this is not accurate. We do not feel Guided by the Holy Spirit to do that at this time, but we never say never.

In fact, when anyone in the early days would want to see the Course — and she would show the Course to very, very, very few people and she wouldn’t show them the whole Course — she would just show the really beautiful, rhapsodic, ecstatic passages. The ideas don’t flow nicely one from the other, as one finds later, but the ideas and statements here are incredible in terms of containing the entirety of the thought system of the Courseeven if it is not necessarily expressed nicely, and at times even obtusely.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. This is not meant as a judgment but as rutext clarification of the facts. Yet for all of that, it does have its benefits. Thank you for reading. It is not that, simply because it doesn’t contain the most important elements of the Course, including its vital time saving characteristic.

Some of the material that is now in Chapter 1, in the sections after the first fifty principles, was originally part of the miracle principles themselves — part of the discussion. They had gotten them down to fifty-three.


Seeing the body as a means for pleasure in any way is to indulge the ego — unless we can fix the underlying error that bodies are real and thus sources of anything then spiritual sight will remain impossible.

Jesus was clear that it would become public but only after it had urttext edited by whom is another hotly debated question.

Gary Renard’s Opinion of the Urtext

There is some disagreement and confusion about what the ur-text actually is. All real pleasure comes from doing God’s Will.: Urtxt as you read on, the paragraghs line up again.

There is rust and other kinds of minerals that do not belong there. Wapnick claims that it needed further editing with chapter titles and such. Anyway, I just thought you and your readers might find that interesting.

ACIM Urtext

This, however, did not apply to the Course’s Preface, the additional material added to the Second Edition, the Clarification of Terms, and the two pamphlets, Psychotherapy and The Song of Prayer.

I tend urtedt to see the differences between textual editions as being significant in the big picture, but I understand that other people disagree, and I respect that. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. First, much of it was personal to Helen and Bill, and had nothing to do with the teachings of A Course in Miracles. So that is why there are fifty principles.

ACIM Urtext – Sean Reagan

In this sense — over and above the personal material — some editing was called for. Whatever channel Helen was using to be in contact afim Jesus, it was a bit clogged up. The court case was concluded in and the copyright was declared invalid. And then there was the penultimate version, which was the version I saw when I met Helen and Bill. But the “that’s” and the “which’s,” — the “dese, the dems, the doses,” as we used to say in Brooklyn — were obviously not important to the teaching, and so she did make those kinds of changes.

This is not the place to discuss the details, except to say that they were doing inappropriate things with the Course and we were trying to stop them. Urtexg about the rest? Understanding and using it on a daily basis allows the Holy Spirit to literally heal the unconscious mind you cannot see.


Briefly — since most of you know the story — Helen had written down the dictation from Jesus in notebooks. BTW, if you’d like to see more about my thoughts on all of this, you can read my article about the last Conference in New York City as well as the other editions of the Course at my website here: As we are one Being. In one sense, I think this is what happened with Aicm. The Endeavor group has also included Matthew’s gospel in the Course, because they have always held thatt the Course and the Bible are the same.

So there is a lot of Cayce material in the early pages, as well as the Cayce style. Read, listen and love. I am glad that the audio recordings, videos, and FB posts have been helpful.

His one contribution to editing the Course was to combine two of the miracles principles found at the beginning of the Course into one, so there would be 50 of them instead of This “stranger” said to her, “Don’t do anything with this yet. Why did Wapnick step in and edit it? An example that I have always used that I think still best expresses what happened is this: It is still a work in progress. Tony chose distraction, delay, and controversy in New York City by calling the Course that most of us know a lie.

Despite everything I’ve been saying, they still are remarkable in what they contain.