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Academic phrase bank 1. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It makes explicit the more common. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. . In a recent study (Davis and Morley, ), 45 academics from two British universities . Dr. John Morley, who is Director of University-wide Language Programmes, wrote The Academic Phrasebank to help both writers of English as a second.

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Academic Phrasebank

Spin-Outs Social Enterprise Licensing. A number of techniques have been developed to … Different methods have been proposed to classify … X is the main non-invasive method used to determine What is curious about this result is that … Surprisingly, no differences were found in Taken together, these results suggest that there is an association between A common view amongst interviewees was that … This theme came up for example in discussions of … The themes of X and Y recurred throughout the dataset.

More elaborate commentary on the results is normally restricted to the Discussion section. Ozone is toxic to almost all most many types of the majority of certain types of some types of living organisms.

Overall, this study strengthens the idea that … The current data highlight the importance of … The findings of this research provide insights for … The results of this research support the idea that The most interesting aspect of this graph is … In Fig. Thirty-two individuals returned the questionnaires.


Resource of the Week #169: Academic Phrasebank

Concerns regarding X were more widespread. Al-Masry sees X as X proved an important literary genre in the early Y community. To assess whether and how Xs are produced and received, we measured Jonesfor example, argues that … However, all the previously mentioned methods suffer from some serious drawbacks.


It is possible that these results are due to … are limited to … are only valid for … may not apply to … do not represent the … do not accurately reflect … have been confounded by To develop a full picture of X additional studies will be needed that None of the studies reviewed appear to have controlled for the effects of … The generalisability of much published research on this issue is problematic.

The participants were divided into two groups based on their performance on In the last few decades, there has been a surge of interest in the effects of … The study of X, which includes Y, has grown significantly since the early s. More research is required is needed to account for The past thirty years have seen increasingly rapid advances in the field of … The changes experienced by X over the past decade remain unprecedented. These results reflect those of Smith et al.

It is almost certain It is likely It is probable It may be It could be It is possible that these frequent storms are a result of climate change. Of the 62 participants who responded to this question, 30 reported an increase in A recent study by Smith and Jones involved Ozone tends to attack cells and break down tissues. The specific questions which drive the research are: X has been identified as a major contributing factor to the decline of many species of … 1.


Academic-Phrasebank | UMIP

The responses relating to X were subjective and were therefore susceptible to recall bias. The investigation of X has shown that Another question is whether It is the purpose of the scademic review section of a paper or dissertation to show the reader, in a systematic way, what is already known about the research topic as a whole, and to outline the key ideas and theories that help us to understand phraaebank.

No significant difference between the two groups was evident. One major issue in early X research concerned A second criticism of the hypothesis draws upon research evidence which suggests … The X hypothesis has been questioned on the basis of some conflicting experimental findings. Data from this table can be compared with the data in Table 4.

The generalisability of these results is subject 22014 certain limitations.

In the field of linguistics, devices for lessening the strength of a statement or claim are known as hedging devices. The project was limited in several ways. Indicating a specific method X was prepared according to the procedure used by Patel et al. phrasebnk