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Abraham Zacuto was a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician, rabbi and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King. After the Spanish exile, Zacuto settled at Lisbon, where he was soon appointed court astronomer and historiographer to John II. He retained his office under D. ZACUTO, ABRAHAM BEN SAMUEL (–c. ), astronomer and historian. His ancestors were French Jewish exiles who had come to Castile in

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Abraham ibn Daud, the author of Kabbalah book.

Abraham Zacuto – Wikipedia

Abraham Zacuto tried to correct the errors of preceding scholars on Transmission and related topics and frequently argued with Maimonides and with R. Abraham Zacuto to his room and enquired about the distance between earth and heaven.

He saw those righteous people who preferred to kill themselves and their children rather then be forced to transgress the commandments of the Lord. During his sojourn in Portugal, R.


His hands-on involvement brought this work to conclusion after some five years of efforts by many scholars, sages and translators; though the final responsibility for the text in front of you lays with the editor and translator, Israel Shamir.

While the world was created, according to the Jews, on Oct. Abraham Zacuto’s advice on wisdom of stars to the Gentile nations and their kings is as good as Ahitophel’s advice of old [18]. Abraham Zacuto of Salamanca. Zacuto’s achievements in astronomy were many: Abraham Zacuto also improved the astrolabe and made it of copper instead of previously used wooden astrolabes that were not precise enough.


Abrahm the standpoint of completeness, these treatises are superior to anything abrham by Zacuto’s predecessors and they laid the foundations for scholarly research by succeeding generations. After an eventful voyage in which he was twice taken prisoner, Zacuto reached Qbraham, where he lived until the Spanish invasion, when he fled to Turkey, residing there for the remainder of his life.

Prior to that, Zacuto had again improved on the existing astronomical tables, mostly those prepared under King Alphonso X of Castille.

Round brackets are employed to facilitate reading, and the words in these brackets are an integral part of the text. He was not above belief in demons and other superstitions. During the eclipse the Cazics were frightened and prayed to Columbus to remove the spell. His greatness and wit are seen in his own replies in the discussion on Maimonides [as quoted by Maharal b. The names that appear in the Bible pertain the spelling of King James Bible. But hopefully our reader will feel encouraged by this presentation of the wisdom and wit of the Jewish sages, and will delve into the sea of Talmud.

The work was apparently written in Hebrew, but is extant only in its Castilian translation published by J. Init was translated into Spanish by Juan de Salaya, who had been professor of astrology and of logic at the University of Salamanca.



In he was in Jerusalem and stayed at the yeshivah of R. In his book, he wrote about a Gentile whom he met in Salamanca. His views remained within accepted limits, as he wrote: Answer that is more precise we can find by inspecting his other books. The Junta was the group of scientists, astronomers and navigators. Manuscripts zacyto not allow for absolutely precise copy; they always varied.

Already famous in academic circles, he was invited to court and nominated Royal Astronomer and Historian by King John II of Portugal, a position which he held until the early reign of Manuel I. August 12, age 62 Salamanca. In Tunis, his son Samuel married into a prominent local Jewish family, and Abraham Zacuto regained some of his zacutk of mind. One of them, Augustine Ricci, gained renown as a famous astronomer.

Cantera Burgos published Salaya’s translation together with his own, which is based on the original. Zacuto had established his wish to make his death pilgrimage at a Passover gathering. Samuel Balansi [Valenci] the greatest in knowledge and wisdom of the R.


After the Spanish exile, Zacuto settled at Lisbon, where he was soon appointed court astronomer and historiographer to John II.

Abraham Zacuto lived in the world that was not obsessed with uniformity and homogeneity.